Oh dear, Emmanuel! Macron ‘taking bait for Boris Johnson’s trade-war plans’

Emmanuel Macron says gas prices are providing 'strong pressure'

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Due to the high tensions between the UK and France, some commentators have warned a trade clash between the two may now be inevitable. Amid the threats to energy supplies, fishing licences, blockades of Channel ports and fury over the AUKUS trade alliance, relations with France have hit a low point between the two countries. With the UK eager to amend parts of the Brexit deal, namely the Northern Ireland Protocol, John Lichfield, claimed the Prime Minister wants a clash with France.

Writing for Politico, the poltical commentator claimed a cross-Channel clash with the French may also be perfect in distracting Britons from the supply chain issues in the country.

Indeed, with the increase in taxation and gas prices, he claimed a spat may “change the subject” from what Britons are currently experiencing.

He wrote: “What Macron doesn’t seem to have considered is that a cross-Channel war may be precisely what Johnson wants.

“There is nothing that the embattled British government would like more than to change the subject — to noyer le poisson — and distract the public from its self-inflicted energy and supply chain crises with an old-fashioned battle with the wicked French.”

Although the EU is set to unveil measures which will ease trade to Northern Ireland, France has lashed out at the UK over the number of fishing licences issued to boats.

Two weeks ago, Jersey refused 75 licences to French fishing vessels to access its waters after October 31.

Sixty-four vessels were granted licences while 12 were given to smaller boats out of 47 to fish around the UK’s coastline.

Due to this, French fishermen have threatened to blockade UK exports to Calais and other ports.

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The French government has also warned it will cut energy supplies to the UK.

Amid the backdrop of Lord Frost’s calls to remove the European Court of Justice from the protocol, former Brexit Party MEP, Ben Habib insisted a trade war is now the UK’s last resort.

Writing for Express.co.uk, Mr Habib said: “Lord Frost is rightly refusing to budge on his demand that the Court of Justice of the European Union be removed from the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“Doing so would likely automatically cease Northern Ireland’s membership of the EU’s customs union; put the customs border where it should be and has been for over 100 years; as well as remove the province from over 800 EU regulations.

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“It would, in short, likely be the end of the Protocol.

“It would also likely pitch the UK into a trade war with the EU.

“No one in their right mind wants war, not even one fought out economically but this is one war the UK should now welcome and must fight.”

Fellow former MEP, Martin Daubney supported calls for a trade war as the EU is bullying the UK.

He said: “The EU has its boot to our throat & it’s time for a full-on trade war

“First target should be France: threatening to switch off power to Jersey, to blockade Calais, they turn a blind eye to illegals & plunder our fish.

“It’s time to finally get Brexit done!”

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