Ontario government says it will not move forward with licence plate redesign

The Ontario government announced that it will not be moving forward with the redesign of the province’s licence plates and will revert back to the original white “Yours to Discover” plates.

The Ford government began the design and manufacturing of a new plate in February, however, once released to the public, the blue plates with the slogan “A Place To Grow” were found to have issues such as poor visibility under specific conditions.

After the government and consumer services minister originally insisted the new plates were fine, the government acknowledged the problem and said manufacturer 3M would deliver an “enhanced” plate.

The province said that around 145,000 of the new plates were created as the government awaited final testing results.

“At this time, we are exploring all options to use these plates where they would be appropriate for an alternative use, such as trailers or recreational vehicles,” the province said.

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