Queen’s speech plans to target protestors and repeal EU law to renew vigour and support

Queen pulls out of State Opening of Parliament

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The Queen’s Speech is where the Government outlines its goals and priorities for the coming months as part of the State Opening of Parliament ceremony. A total of 38 new bills will be introduced during the speech on Tuesday, including one planned by Home Secretary Priti Patel to tackle the protesting methods of climate groups. 

The new Public Order Bill offence that will target activists who lock or glue themselves to each other or buildings will be introduced alongside other bills such as levelling up measures and new post-Brexit EU laws.

The event is being used by the Prime Minister in an attempt to renew confidence in the Government and to begin the Parliamentary year with a renewed sense of vigour.

Boris Johnson said: “This Queen’s Speech will get our country back on track, and I will strive – and this Government will strive – night and day to deliver it.

“Because in spite of everything we have been through, we are going to ensure that over the two years we have left in this parliament, we spend every second uniting and levelling up this country, exactly as we said we would.”

Traditionally the Queen will begin the procession and will travel from Buckingham Palace to Westminster in a carriage where she would deliver the speech. 

The Palace confirmed on Monday that in light of her recent mobility issues the Queen would not attend the ceremony on Tuesday and will instead be replaced by Prince Charles. 

Points of issue that are expected to be mentioned in the Commons debate which followed the speech including the cost of living crisis.

Mr Johnson is expected to say in the debate: “We will get the country through the aftershocks of Covid, just as we got through Covid, with every ounce of ingenuity and compassion and hard work.

“By urgently pressing on with our mission to create the high wage, high skilled jobs that will drive economic growth across our whole United Kingdom.”

He concluded: “That is the long-term, sustainable solution to ease the burden on families and businesses.”

Labour Leader Keir Starmer has warned that the exclusion of the cost of living crisis from the Speech will mark a great financial failure by the Conservatives.

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Sir Keir stated: “Times are tough for working people but they are much tougher than they should be.

“Some 12 years of the Conservatives have meant low economic growth, high inflation, and high taxes.

“Because the Tories are not up to the challenge of growing the economy, all those tax hikes aren’t going into improving public services. Never before have people been asked to pay so much for so little.”

Other bills are thought to be introduced during the speech in an attempt to drum up further support for the PM and the Tory Government after its recent blows.

These bills include Brexit freedom Bills, Schools Bill, Levelling up and Regeneration Bill to improve local communities and the Media Bill which encapsulated the privatisation of Channel 4.

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