Resurgent Sunak closes poll gap on Starmer after two PMQs maulings

Techne UK’s Michela Morizzo explains this week’s polls

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Rishi Sunak is surging back in the polls after a fortnight where he “dismantled” Sir Keir Starmer at Prime Minister’s questions over public sector strikes. In the Techne UK/ bi-weekly poll for best Prime Minister Mr Sunak has closed Starmer’s lead from nine points to just six.

According to the findings, Sir Keir is still ahead on 43 percent (down two) but Mr Sunak is up a point to 37 percent, the Prime Minister’s best result since before Christmas.

The Prime Minister’s personal popularity contrasts starkly with his party’s which according to the same survey of 1,624 voters this week had Labour on 46 percent while the Tories are 19 percent behind on 27 percent.

Supporters of Mr Sunak believe his much higher personal ratings are proof that they can win the next election expected some time in 2024 because of the presidential nature of general elections.

According to Electoral Calculus if the results of the best Prime Minister poll were the result of an election Labour would only have a slim majority of 17.

This contrasts with the majority of 174 Starmer would have as Prime Minister based on the polling results for the parties instead of best Prime Minister.

Michela Morizzo, chief executive of Techne UK, believes that the Conservatives are fighting back in the polls because of public fatigue over the strikes and Labour’s refusal to back minimum service legislation to ensure the NHS can operate when nurses and ambulance drivers are taking industrial action.

For the last two weeks, Sir Keir has also sruggled to land a blow on the state of the NHS which is normally a strong area for Labour leaders against Conservatives.

Instead, Mr Sunak has won both the last two PMQs pressing Starmer over why he will not back the new laws to protect public services.

Rushcliffe Conservative MP Ruth Edwards, who baced Mr Sunak for the leadership last year, said: “I think Starmer is struggling because he is up against an opponent who is on top of his brief and can answer him with detailed responses.

“Rishi is very good in that way and he is much quicker on his feet than Starmer who needs a prepared script but can’t adapt his questions easily. The PM has dismantled him really.”

This week has also seen Mr Sunak doll out £2.1 billion in levelling up grants although there was controversy over so much of the money going to affluent constituencies in the South East and not more of a focus on Tory Red Wall constituencies.

The Prime Minister also made a mistake by posting a video of himself in a moving car without his seat belt on.

But the controversies do not seem to have harmed his improving poll ratings.


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The poll though shows an enormous gap in attitudes across the generational divide.

Around half of all voters aged below 45 think Starmer will be best PM and the Labour leader is easily ahead.

However, voters aged 45 and over are more likely to believe that Mr Sunak is the best PM.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of Remain voters prefer Starmer and 58 percent of Leave voters back Sunak.

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