Rishi Sunak: Economic might will be a force for good

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The Chancellor said the UK’s economic might can help it fight international aggression. The invasion of Ukraine had caused volatility in energy markets, he said, and financial authorities are closely monitoring the wider impact.

Addressing the annual Mais Lecture at Bayes Business School in London yesterday, he said: “The basis of our influence in the world and ability to be a force for good is going to be in large part based on the strength of our economy.

“That economic strength gives us the resources to both invest more in defence and come to the aid of countries that need our assistance.

“It gives us the ability to increase the security of our energy supply, it gives us the diplomatic power to shape the rules of the international order and, when countries breach those rules, the weight to impose meaningful sanctions.”

The Chancellor also set out his vision for the British economy, insisting he “firmly” believes in lower taxes and Britons should be “able to make decisions about how to save, invest or use the money we earn”.

Saying we need “a new culture of enterprise”, he declared: “We must put all our energies into three priorities – capital, people, ideas.”

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