Rishi Sunak loses it with Greenpeace – No10 immediately cuts ties with group

Sky News: Greenpeace protest at Rishi Sunak’s home

The government has cut all ties with eco-extremist group Greenpeace after it sent protesters to invade the privacy of the Prime Minister’s home in Yorkshire.

The environmental group has regular meetings with the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and is regularly consulted on issues.

But following the stunt, Defra Secretary Therese Coffey has ordered all ties are cut and meetings cancelled.

A note to Defra stakeholders and civil servants from permenant secretary Tamara Finbklestein seen by Express.co.uk said: “You will have seen the coverage of Greenpeace in the media today, 3 August, which involved a protest at the Prime Minister’s constituency home.

“Following this activity, the Secretary of State has taken the decision that the Defra Group should cease engagement with Greenpeace until further notice. This includes any planned meetings or communications.

“If your teams have any engagement with Greenpeace planned, can you please contact [email protected] as soon as possible to discuss. Please can you also alert the External Affairs team with any correspondence received from Greenpeace.”

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READ MORE: ‘Should be ashamed!’ Fury as eco-mob scale Rishi Sunak’s family home

The swift action follows outrage over Greenpeace sending protesters to Sunak’s family home in Yorkshire yesterday to drape it in black cloth at protest over his decision to drill for more oil and gas in the UK and not rely on foreign sources like Russia.

The incident has sparked demands for a security review of the Prime Minister’s home and other frontline politicians.

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt told Express.co.uk that it was an “disgrace” that police did not act more quickly.

He said: “Clearly they shouldn’t have been allowed to be on the house for as long as they were. It’s a disgrace.

“The response was slow. The police should have immediately dragged them off the house by the scruff of the neck.”

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