Rubbish at politics! Dominic Cummings brutally dissects Starmer’s disastrous leadership

Dominic Cummings grilled by Kuenssberg on 'conning' UK public

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The maverick former special adviser to Boris Johnson claimed that Sir Keir’s team are “rubbish at politics”. And he even said that they haven’t learned from history after they continually made the same mistakes that Hillary Clinton’s team did during the 2016 US Presidential election campaign against Donald Trump.

Mr Cummings – who left office last November after losing a power struggle with Mr Johnson’s wife Carrie Symonds – said his team should focus on issues voters “care about” rather than attacking the Prime Minister.

In a Twitter thread, he raged: “One way you can tell Starmer’s team are rubbish at politics is they keep giving their broadcast people ‘liar’ soundbites. It’s pointless.

“Public know PM’s a liar. If Blair were in charge he’d say something voters care about. This most basic principle is beyond Starmer’s mob.

“DEMs (Democrats) made exactly the same error viz (against) Trump, focusing on character.

“Many of their attacks INCREASED support for him. But it pleased (the) media/activists so they did it.

“Politicians usually do not optimise for relentless focus on voters (winning) but media/in-group.

“If you’re an MP quietly thinking about the next leadership contests (CON or LAB), check out my blog on Lee Kuan Yew & Singapore.

“Ideas galore for you to steal & more important an overall method that wd (would) put you in the history books.

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“If in charge of KS (Keir Starmer’s) office with goal win next GE (general election) I’d say: his own family knows he’s a liar, many attacks on Trump helped him, our job is to persuade target voters with messages we know work on stuff they really care about NOT gratify activists/journalists.”

Mr Johnson has firmly denied ever lying.

And it appears that Sir Keir’s team paid little heed to the former Vote Leave director’s words.

Shortly after his Twitter rampage the Labour leader carried on his broadsides against the government – urging it to invest in jobs that benefit the environment.

The lawyer-turned-politician wants £30billion spent on creating up to 400,000 “green” jobs in manufacturing and low-carbon industries.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Keir said: “It’s the government’s failure to match its rhetoric with reality that’s led to this. They have used soundbites with no substance.

“They have quietly been unpicking and dropping critical commitments when it comes to the climate crisis and the future economy.

“It’s particularly concerning when it comes to COP 26 (climate change summit).

“Leading by example is needed, but just when we need leadership from the Prime Minister on the global stage, here in the UK we have a Prime Minister who, frankly, is missing in action.”

A government spokeswoman said ministers would follow the advice of their expert panel, the Green Jobs Taskforce, on how to seize the economic opportunities presented by the shift to a climate-friendly economy.

She said the taskforce’s recommendations were “a big step forward in delivering the skilled workers and green jobs essential for the UK’s transition to net zero”.

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