Sadiq Khan torn apart for ‘advertising himself’ and not creating London transport targets

Sadiq Khan has previously vowed to make London carbon neutral by 2030 as part of Labour’s green new deal if re-elected as Mayor. But Sian Berry hit out at him for cutting investment in buses. The co-leader of the Green Party explained the former Labour MP doesn’t have a target and should look to the Olympics for inspiration.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Ms Berry said: “This is a very small part of my transport plan but it’s a target the Mayor doesn’t currently have.

“He asks people to shift their modes of transport and he is investing in some transport in walking and cycling and railways.

“But he is cutting investment in buses.

“My plans would also invest massively in the alternative so people have other options.

“This idea that you just create a big mission for London, you get everybody on board behind the target the way we did in the Olympics.

“There’s none of that happening in London at the moment.

“You see a lot of advertising from the Mayor but it’s mainly advertising him.

“We need to see the advertising we saw in the run-up to the game because the benefit to all of us would be huge.”

It comes as Mr Khan has been brutally slammed by Susan Hall for spending £65 million on City Hall staff, double the amount spent by his predecessor Boris Johnson.

GLA Conservative Susan Hall told Khan it was his job to make sure the “Metropolitan Police can keep people safe” and that the figures suggested people were not being kept safe. Mr Khan looked stunned following the conclusion of Ms Hall’s attack.

Ms Hall said: “Staffing costs at City Hall are going up to £65 million, that is double what it was in Boris Johnson’s last year, double!

“Quite frankly people out there are far more interested in being kept safe so it is down to you to make sure that the Metropolitan Police can keep them safe.


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“Looking at the figures they are not being kept safe.

“So you should be looking at where you are spending your money because I would say to you people don’t want people in this building they actually want police officers out there keeping them safe.”

This is not the first time that Mr Khan has come under criticism for overspending.

In November 2019 Sadiq Khan apologised and admitted “we’ve dropped the ball on this” after he was accused of wasting £20million on two ferries.

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