‘Scotland crying out for opposition!’ Neil Oliver slams Sturgeon’s SNP ‘one party state’

Scotland's SNP 'needs opposition and challenge' says Oliver

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Neil Oliver was joined by fellow GB News presenter Alastair Stewart to discuss the SNP’s hold on Scotland. The conservationist was clear that a “one-party state” was always a disaster and warned that Scotland needed to see great pressure placed on the SNP in order to keep the “structures” of Scottish society intact. Mr Oliver said Nicola Sturgeon’s Government needed to be challenged adding that Scots were “crying out” for stronger opposition.

Presenter Mr Oliver said: “In Scotland, it is crying out. You cannot have usefully a one-party state.

“It doesn’t matter, you can’t have everything pulling in one direction.

“The big tent of society is held up my tension in equal and opposite pulling that keeps the structure up.

“If you are all pulling in one direction everything falls to the side.”

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The archaeologist continued: “We need opposition – SNP they need to be challenged.”

It comes as Nicola Sturgeon come under fire from Labour Mayor Andy Burham after Britons from the North of England were barred from travelling to Scotland because of Covid.

Mr Burham told the BBC’s Andrew Marr: “I mean why can’t a couple from Salford who are double jabbed, who are about to go on a walking holiday in Scotland and not be able to go.

“I mean it is completely disproportionate in my view.

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“We could have come up with a different arrangement if the First Minister had been in touch with us. 

“But the second thing I will say to her is we need an arrangement here, the Scottish Government can’t just impose things on parts of the North of England with no discussion with us.”

He added: “That is simply wrong!”

“We need to be careful about the way we manage things going forward,” continued Mr Burnham.


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“I was really disappointed on Friday that the First Minister of Scotland announced out of the blue a travel ban, saying people in Scotland couldn’t travel to Manchester and Salford, and the other way around too.

“That is exactly what the SNP always cause the Westminster Government of doing. Just riding roughshod over people.

“The SNP are treating the north of England with the same contempt in bringing that in without any consultation.”

He said: “I think it’s double standards. It’s hypocrisy.”

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