SDP launches GE campaign, calls for suspension of GST until the end of 2021

SINGAPORE – The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) called for a suspension of the goods and services tax (GST) until end-2021 as part of its newly launched campaign for the next general election.

In a press release and video posted on Facebook on Tuesday (April 28), the opposition party outlined the issues it would be campaigning on at the next election, which is due to be called by April next year.

Aside from calling for a suspension of the GST, the campaign, titled Four Yes, One No, or 4Y1N, also calls for retrenchment benefits to be paid to workers retrenched as a result of Covid-19 and proposes a $500 monthly payment to for some retirees.

The SDP said that under what it calls the SDP Restart (Re-Employment Scheme and Temporary Assistance for the ReTrenched) programme, if a worker is retrenched, the government pays 75 per cent of his last drawn salary for the first six months, 50 per cent for the subsequent six months, and 25 per cent for the final six months, capped at the median wage. The SDP first proposed this programme in 2015.

The third “yes” of the SDP’s campaign is for the bottom 80 per cent of retirees over 65 to be provided with a monthly income of $500.

It added that by providing $500 for the average retiree, the financial pressure on younger working generations can also be lessened.

The campaign’s fourth “yes” is for the SDP to ensure that the PAP puts the people’s interest as a top priority. SDP accuses the Government of mishandling the coronavirus outbreak.

The one “no” in the SDP campaign is to an increase in Singapore’s population fuelled by foreigners. The SDP said that the economy has become overly dependent on foreign workers.

Citing a 10 million figure raised by former chief planner Liu Thai Ker in 2014, SDP said it will “stop the PAP from raising our population to 10 million and displacing our PMETs with foreign ones”.

The SDP said: “The SDP will focus on these ideas and proposals in our GE campaign and will elaborate on them in the coming weeks and months.”

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