Starmer squirms as he refuses to say four times if Police back in touch over beergate

Keir Starmer gets grilled over 'Beergate'

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Following Conservative MP Richard Holden’s written request last week to Durham Police to reopen a probe into claims that Labour leader Keir Starmer broke lockdown rules, Radio 4 host Martha Kearney asked the Labour leader for clarifications, but he refuses to say if there has been any contact from the police. Despite the questions being repeated several times, Sir Keir failed to respond and said: “We were working, we stopped for food but no rules were broken”. He added: “With local elections on the horizon, Conservative MPs have decided to chuck mud.”

Speaking to Sir Keir, Ms Kearney said: “Although we are in the midst of a local election campaign, lots of claims have been made.

“One of these is about and it is a long-running issue about whether you broke the rules during lockdown, and I just wondered if you clear up something for us.

“Has there been any contact with you or your office from Durham Police?

He responded: “We were working in the office.

“It was just before elections. We were busy and we paused for food. 

“No party and no rules were broken.

“That is long and short of it”.

He also added: “All that has happened last week is that with local elections on the horizon Conservative MPs have decided to chuck mud.

“The police looked at this month ago, which is that no rules were broken.

“And that is because no rules were broken.

“They have already concluded their investigation.

“If the Conservative party put as much effort into answering the question ‘how are you going to help people with their energy bills as they are outing into this mudslinging, they would actually do a service for missions of people who are actually worried about their energy.


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He then reiterated: “We were working, we stopped for food, no party, no rules were broken, and I don’t know what I could add to that”. 

Daily Mirror’s Political Editor Pippa Crerar reported sources had confirmed there had been no further contact from Durham Police.

She said: “Labour sources confirm to me that Durham Police has *not* been in touch with Keir Starmer about beer pic.

“(Slightly begs the question why he didn’t just say so – police statement may say they’re not reinvestigating but need to be 100 percent clear given circumstances).”

The claims follow Conservative MP Richard Holden’s written request last week to Durham Police to reopen a probe into claims that Labour leader Keir Starmer broke lockdown rules over some drinks with Labour officials.

In light of the beergate claims and Labour Party claiming that Deputy Leader Angela Rayner was not present at the event, the party has admitted that Ms Rayner was actually with Sir Keir Starmer when he was caught on video drinking a beer with party workers during lockdown. 

“It was a genuine mistake”, said the Labour Party over the party’s previous claims that the Deputy Leader were not present at the event. 

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