Sturgeon confirms Scotland to miss out on full freedoms as she falls in line with Boris

UK: Expert warns over number of COVID-19 hospitalisations

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Speaking on Tuesday Nicola Sturgeon confirmed many coronavirus restrictions will continue beyond July 19. Amongst them is the continued mandatory wearing of face coverings as this will continue for “sometime to come” amid the First Minister renewing her vow to protect the vulnerable in Scotland.

She said: “I will confirm that certain mitigations such as the mandatory wearing of face coverings will remain in place, not just now, but in all likelihood for some time to come.

“It is important to stress measures like the continued wearing of face-covering are important not just to give added protection to the population as a whole.

“But also to give protection and assurance to those amongst us who are particularly vulnerable.

“And who previously had to shield.”

Mrs Sturgeon continued: “Lifting all restrictions and mitigations right now would put all of us at greater risk.

“But in particular it would make it incredibly difficult for the clinically vulnerable to go about their daily lives.

“It would risk the imposition of shielding by default.

“And in my view, that is not something we should do.”

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