Sturgeon dealt crushing hammer blow – new poll shows Scotland SPLIT on second referendum

Nicola Sturgeon: Glasgow ‘rose to the occasion’ for COP26

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The poll posed the question: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” Results from this new poll shows 48 percent in favour of ‘No’, 45 percent in favour of ‘Yes’, and 7 percent ‘Undecided’.

This fresh poll comes as the SNP left businesses “confused” over the plans to extend the need for covid passports into cinema, theatres, and other entertainment venues.

Ms Sturgeon announced that this new plan may come into force on December 6 across Scotland.

Scottish Tory MSP Murdo Fraser ridiculed the SNP over the decision, saying some businesses are “appalled” by the potential for this extension.

Speaking to BBC Scotland’s The Nine, Murdo Fraser said: “I think it’s just added to the chaos and confusion that’s affecting the business community.

“And I’ve spoken to people in the business community today who are appalled by the way that the government is treating them.

“They’re now potentially facing another week of uncertainty.

“We don’t know which businesses are in the firing line to be affected by the rollover of the vaccine passport scheme.

Mr Fraser added: He went on: “It could be more hospitality businesses.

“These are businesses which have for the last 18 months suffered closures, restrictions and are looking forward to playing to make up some of the money they’ve lost.

“And now potentially our fiscal situation where people who have Christmas parties or lunches might have to get back in certification that they don’t have.”

In response, the host questioned Mr Fraser, saying: “Okay, it’s just a few more days of uncertainty isn’t it?

“If you’ve got the best interest of businesses at heart and the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said if she did extend it, it would be in order to make sure that these businesses can stay open throughout Christmas.

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“That’s really a good thing, isn’t it?”

Mr Fraser replied: “Well, the difficulty with this argument from the Scottish Government is we don’t actually have any evidence that vaccine passports work.

“And we’ve challenged the Scottish Government on that, we’ve chosen advisors, they can’t tell us the vaccine passports actually achieved either a reduction in the spread of the COVID nor do they achieve the objective of driving vaccination.”

Deputy First Minister, John Swinney, gave Scots a beacon of hope ahead of this Christmas, saying they should expect this year’s festive period to be “normal” with some possible measures in place.

John Swinney said: “I’m very hopeful that this could be a normal Christmas.”

He added: “It will be a normal Christmas with us all taking care, is what I would say.

“We may have to put in place some additional measures to make sure that is the case.”

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