Sturgeon’s independence bid in tatters as Sunak will ‘stand firm’

IndyRef2: Salmond criticises Sturgeon’s approach

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Rishi Sunak will “stand firm” against Nicola Sturgeon’s plan to break up the UK, Douglas Ross has said. The Scottish Tory leader’s comments come as the First Minister reiterated her demand for a fresh referendum after speaking to the new Prime Minister last night.

But Mr Ross dismissed the SNP leader’s “divisive agenda” as she eyes up a second vote on independence on October 19 2023.

And he insisted Scots can be “confident” that Mr Sunak will not give in to Ms Sturgeon.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Ross said: “Scottish voters can be confident that he will act in the interests of every corner of the UK, and stand firm against the SNP’s divisive agenda.”

Mr Sunak held calls with Mr Ross and Ms Sturgeon on Tuesday night just hours after entering No 10.

Taking to Twitter after her call with the PM, the Scottish First Minister underlined her “mandate” for a second referendum despite Scots rejecting breaking away in a 2014 vote.

Describing the call as “constructive”, she said: “I expressed hope that we will build a UK/Scot gov relationship based on mutual respect – including for mandates – and my fear that further austerity will do real damage to people & public services. I look forward to further engagement soon.”

It comes after Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay yesterday hit out at Ms Strugeon for demanding Mr Sunak holds an early general election.

The SNP leader was among the first to push for the new PM to go to the country when he was announced as the new Tory leader yesterday.

But Mr Findlay pointed out that Ms Sturgeon did not go to the polls early after taking over as First Minister from Alex Salmond in 2014 following his resignation and waited until the 2016 Holyrood election.

The MSP said: “Nicola Sturgeon clearly has a very short memory.

“She governed as First Minister for years without ever attempting to call an election.

“She has proven herself to be a shameful hypocrite by demanding Rishi Sunak calls an election, given she never tried to do that herself when she was installed as leader by the SNP.

“Nicola Sturgeon must have realised this grubby political attack would backfire instantly.

“It seems like this is just another attempt by the SNP to provoke grievance with the UK Government.

“Rishi Sunak will restore economic stability and unite the country – unlike the SNP leader who wants to create fiscal chaos and divide people all over again with her unwanted push to hold another independence referendum in less than a year.”

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