Sunak must ‘prove himself’ on Brexit as Britons don’t trust PM – POLL

Iain Duncan Smith says Tories must deliver on promise of Brexit

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Rishi Sunak must prove himself on issues relating to the EU, a former Brexit minister said, after a poll showed that the majority of Britons don’t trust the new Prime Minister in this area. An exclusive poll for asked voters whether or not they trust Mr Sunak on Brexit and EU relations. Of the 1,624 people polled, just 37 percent of people said yes.

A total of 47 percent of people answered no, while 19 percent said they do not know.

When asked if Mr Sunak needed to prove himself when it comes to the EU, a former Brexit Minister told “Yes, absolutely.”

They explained: “He’s got to continue to make sure that the Northern Ireland protocol bill goes through the House of Lords.

“He’s also got to make sure that the retained eu law bill goes through parliament.

“They’re both essential measures. If there is any backsliding on those then people will be concerned that he’s not committed to completing Brexit.”

He added: “I asked about these things before the leadership, he assured me he’s committed to both so I’m assuming he’ll be as good as his word”.

Of those who voted to leave the EU in 2016, 42 percent said they do trust the Prime Minister. 34 percent said they don’t trust Mr Sunak, while 24 percent said they don’t know.

Among 2019 Conservative voters, 55 percent said they trust him to deliver on Brexit, while 33 percent said they don’t. 12 percent said they don’t know.

The poll, conducted by Techne UK between October 26 and 27, spoke to 1,624 voters.

As Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss introduced the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, which is set to remove key parts of the post-Brexit legislation, removing the requirement for border checks on goods. But it is yet to be enshrined in law. 

The bill is part of an attempt to mitigate the issues caused by the protocol and reduce tensions between the UK, EU and Northern Ireland over the issue.

Yesterday, Northern Ireland Assembly members returned to Stormont in a last-ditch attempt to restore the country’s executive in order to avert an election – but the DUP refused to restore power-sharing with Sinn Fein in protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol.

As a result, the UK Government will be forced to call another election to the Stormont Assembly in the next 12 weeks.

Speaking from Stormont yesterday, DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said the party does “not believe that sufficient progress has been made to addressing the issues of concern to the people that we represent.”

He called on Mr Sunak’s Government to take “decisive action” on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The UK has been locked in talks with the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol – which was agreed as part of the withdrawal agreement to avoid a hard border in Ireland post-Brexit – since October 2021.

It allows Northern Ireland to remain within the EU’s single market for goods but it has faced criticism because a border was effectively created between Great Britain and Northern Ireland down the Irish Sea.

The border has led to delays, supermarket shortages and increased costs for businesses in Northern Ireland.

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