Take that, Macron! Britons start boycotting French goods as Brexit fishing wars explode

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After the Cornelis Gert Jan was detained by French officials due to the row over Jersey fishing rights, social media users have vowed to stop buying French produce. In order to hit back at Emmanuel Macron, one user backed the UK Government’s plan to strike back at France. One user, named Stoner1968 said: “We will back Downing Street by boycotting anything that’s French!

“That includes EDF Energy, Renault, Citroen UK, French Wine, Cheese and other products.

“We are theUnited Kingdom and won’t be bullied by little man Emmanuel Macron.”

Matthew Wilcox said: “Won’t require much.

“French fold like a hot candle!”

Andrew Morris added: “Go on Boris!”

Amid the UK’s threat to hit back, another user, Ghost_Wales said: “Good well done Boris!”

On Wednesday, France unveiled a raft of measures in order to pressure the UK Government into granting more licences to fish in the waters around Jersey.

These measures include: Preventing British fishing boats from disembarking at ports, increasing border and sanitary checks on UK goods, tightening security checks on British boats and increasing checks on trucks going to and from the UK.

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As part of these measures, the fishing vessel, Cornelis Gert Jan was detained by French authorities.

The French government has also warned it will cut off energy supplies to the UK if more licences are not granted.

In response, the UK Government has summoned the French ambassador to discuss matters.

Indeed, a statement from the Government claimed the actions from the French government were not compatible with the Brexit agreement.

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Liz Truss will now hold talks with the ambassador on Friday.

The statement read: “Lord Frost chaired a Ministerial meeting earlier today to consider the UK response to the measures set out by France yesterday.

“The proposed French actions are unjustified and do not appear to be compatible on the EU’s part with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) or wider international law.

“We regret the confrontational language that has been consistently used by the French government on this issue, which makes this situation no easier to resolve.

“We have raised our concerns strongly with both the French and the EU Commission.

“As a next step, the Foreign Secretary has instructed Minister Morton to summon the French Ambassador. “

“We repeat that the Government has granted 98 percent of licence applications from EU vessels to fish in the UK’s waters and, as has consistently been made clear, will consider any further evidence on the remainder.”

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