The eight Tories who have submitted letters of no confidence

Boris Johnson: Gary Streeter submits letter of no confidence

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Calls for Boris Johnson to resign as Prime Minister have been growing stronger from both the Labour and Conservative benches. The PM’s botched handling of partygate has encouraged eight of his own MPs to officially call for his resignation by handing in letters of no confidence. Here are the eight MPs who have handed in these letters.

Gary Streeter is the latest Tory MP to openly say he has submitted a letter of no confidence in the PM. This brings the total known number to eight.

However, this number could be far higher as MPs can send these letters anonymously.

Who has handed in a letter of no confidence?

So far, just a handful of MPs have gone on record to say that they have handed in letters of no confidence. Here are the eight known Tory rebels.

Gary Streeter, MP for South West Devon

Mr Streeter became the third MP today to publicly announce his submission of a letter of no confidence to the 1922 committee.

In a Facebook post he wrote: “I cannot reconcile the pain and sacrifice of the vast majority of the British public during lockdown with the attitude and activities of those working in Downing Street.

“Accordingly, I have now submitted a letter seeking a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

“I have not come to this decision lightly. It is not my intention to say any more about this matter.”

Anthony Mangnall, MP for Totnes

Mr Mangnall was the second MP today to announce that he has sent a letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson.

He wrote on Twitter: “Standards in public life matter. At this time I can no longer support the PM.

“His actions and mistruths are overshadowing the extraordinary work of so many excellent ministers and colleagues.

“I have submitted a letter of no confidence.”

Tobias Ellwood, MP for Bournemouth East and chair of the Defence Committee

Mr Ellwood was the first MP to hand in his letter of no confidence this morning.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Ellwood urged the PM to “cut to the chase, to call a vote of confidence in himself.”

He added as a result of Boris Johnson’s actions, the Conservatives are on a “glide path to a very, very dark place”.

Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney

Mr Aldous called for the PM to resign on January 31 after Sue Gray’s report was published.

He tweeted: “After a great deal of soul-searching, I have reached the conclusion that the Prime Minister should resign.

“It is clear that he has no intention of doing so and I have therefore written to the chairman of the 1922 Committee of Backbench Conservative MPs, advising him that I have no confidence in the Prime Minister as leader of the Conservative Party.

Sir Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet

Sir Gale was the first Tory MP to publicly announce he had submitted a letter of no confidence on January 12.

He told Sky News: “I have written to Sir Graham Brady and said that there should be a leadership contest,

“I do believe that in this instance, the 1922 Committee have a duty to go to the Prime Minister and have a word with him because we cannot go on like this. I say this with a heavy heart because he has got Brexit done and introduced a world.”

Christian Wakeford, MP for South Bury

Mr Wakeford admitted to sending a letter of no confidence, but he has now defected to the Labour Party which effectively means this letter has been withdrawn.

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire

Writing in the Telegraph Mr Bridgen wrote: “I’m calling on the Prime Minister to stand down, there is time yet to do the right thing,”

He added: If Boris truly loves our country, our democracy and our party he should go now with some semblance of grace.”

He finished by saying that he had sent his letter of no confidence in Mr Johnson.

Douglas Ross, MP for Moray and leader of the Scottish Conservatives

Mr Ross told reporters he had submitted a letter of no confidence.

He said: “I don’t want to be in this position, but I am in this position now, where I don’t think he can continue as leader of the Conservatives.”

Many have openly called on the PM to resign but haven’t confirmed whether they had sent a letter of no confidence yet.

David Davis, for example, told Mr Johnson in PMQs: “You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go.”

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