‘These people would now be in charge!’ Andrew Neil savages Labour with point about Russia

Ukraine: Corbyn discusses nuclear weapons before invasion

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The journalist and broadcaster took to Twitter to condemn Mr Corbyn’s stance and his potential to have been elected Prime Minister back in 2019. He said: “Fascinating to contemplate that if Labour had won the 2019 election these people would now be in charge of Britain’s response to the invasion of Ukraine.”

Jeremy Corbyn was speaking during a meeting of the Stop the War Coalition that took place online on February 10.

Clips of the meeting were shared on Twitter by the political blog Harry’s Place.

In one of the clips, which was retweeted by Mr Neil, the former Labour leader speaks on the threat of the escalation of the war with the use of nuclear weapons.

He says: “Both sides, Ukraine (through NATO) and Russia have access to nuclear weapons.

“So, I suggested to Liz Truss that in her visit to Moscow, she should also say that Britain was prepared to engage with Russia through the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.”

Mr Corbyn also suggested the UK should engage in conversations with Russia ahead of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons conference in Vienna, which aims to end the use of nuclear weapons.

Commenting on the comments, the Harry’s Place account wrote in a Twitter post accompanying the shared video clip: “He appears to suggest UK respond to Russia by pledging to give up nukes.”

In another clip of the same meeting, Mr Corbyn attacks Boris Johnson over his trip to Ukraine before the war began.

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He said that the Prime Minister “seems to think he’s in some kind of historic moment,” and that “he does tend to model himself on Winston Churchill rather too often.”

Speaking on Liz Truss visit in Russia, Mr Corbyn said at the time that he thinks the visit “is a good thing” and that he hopes “that she is there with the intention of trying to bring a diplomatic solution to all this.”

Harry’s Place, commenting on what Mr Corbyn stated before the war began, wrote: “Rarely will you see analysis that aged so badly so quickly.”

The account added: “These people vote on the laws we live by. Let’s hear what they had to say.”

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