Tony Blair in sensational attack on unvaccinated Britons ‘You’re an idiot!’

Blair: If you’re not vaccinated and eligible you’re an idiot

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Tony Blair branded “idiots” Britons still refusing to receive their doses of COVID-19 vaccine despite concerns about the high rate of contagion with the Omicron variant. The former Prime Minister however conceded people still uncertain about the vaccine should not be pursued with “heavy-handed” measures but persuaded to get jabbed. Speaking to talkRadio, Mr Blair said: “Frankly, if you’re not vaccinated at the moment and you’re eligible, and you’ve got no health reasons for not being unvaccinated, you’re not just irresponsible. You’re an idiot.

“I’m sorry, truthfully, you are. This Omicron variant is so contagious, if you’re unvaccinated and you’re unvaccinated, you’re going to get it.

“And that’s what’s going to put a lot of strain on the health service. Almost half the people in the ICU are unvaccinated, it’s really important.

“We shouldn’t target these people who are unvaccinated in a heavy-handed way but we should try to go after them and persuade them.”

He added: “Honestly, it’s in their own interest, never mind the public interest, for them to get vaccinated.”

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Mr Blair also warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson failing to bring in further restrictions ahead of Christmas is a “gamble.”

The Prime Minister confirmed this week no new rules will be implemented before Christmas but did not rule out potential changes before the start of the new year.

Health Minister Gillian Keegan said on Wednesday 129 cases of the Omicron variant have been reported in the UK so far, and 14 people have died with the strain.


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