‘Toxic combination!’ Starmer blasts Boris as ‘broken promises’ now ‘catching up to him’

PMQs: Boris Johnson says Keir Starmer ‘dribbles on irrelevantly’

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Following on from the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election on Thursday in which Labour won a 10 percent swing, Sir Keir’s party has felt emboldened and warned that although the Tories retained a significant majority, the “contrast between ourselves and the government will become starker.” In his first interview since the brutal Labour reshuffle last week, Sir Keir said that despite the “undeniable” boost gained from the pandemic, the “cracks” were beginning to show. 

He told The Times: “Most people want the government to succeed.

“In the past four to six weeks that is now showing cracks.

“The benefit of the doubt is not there in the way that it was.

“The prime minister’s broken promises are catching up with him.

“What is beginning to be apparent to people is that this is hurting them.”

He went on to warn that the next few months would see more people faced with a cost-of-living crisis as inflation, energy prices and tax increase.

He continued: “The broken promises by the Prime Minister are going to start hitting people in their pocket.

“The Achilles’ heel of this government is that it is a high tax, high price, low growth government.

“That is a toxic combination.”

Despite sleaze allegations, Tory rebellions and new claims No10 broke lockdown rules, polls indicate Labour are still lagging behind the Conservatives.

Boris Johnson has suffered several electoral setbacks since the Conservative Party won the Hartlepool by-election earlier this year.

In the historic blue Buckinghamshire seat of Chesham & Amersham, the Liberal Democrats pulled off a remarkable victory, with a staggering swing of 25 percent.

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The Tories will face yet another challenge from Sir Ed Davey’s party in two weeks time when voters in North Shropshire will decide who will replace the Brexit-backing former MP Owen Paterson.

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