UK poised to become trading superpower! AMT outlines huge boost after freedom from EU

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The International trade secretary said the UK is no longer waiting on Brussels’ “computer says no” bureaucracy that has held the country back for decades. And she defended the government’s new global trade strategy against “naysayers” and “doom-mongers”, arguing “we are not Little Britain and we never were”.

Speaking at the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Trade: “We are an independent trading nation, able to reach out on our own, securing great deals and empowering businesses to seize those opportunities of the future and create high-paying, highly skilled jobs, and to forge an open, enterprising economy which enables us to build back better from the pandemic, levelling up the whole of the UK.

“With the energy, the innovation and the engagement of businesses, communities and this ambitious strategy, we will unleash our nation’s brilliant potential and write a new chapter in our proud trading history.”

Ms Trevelyan also reiterated the Government’s focus on trading in the Indo-Pacific region.

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She said: “Between 2019 and 2050, more than half of global growth is expected to come from the Indo-Pacific.

“Within that, South Asia will grow particularly quickly and India is projected to be the world’s third largest economy by 2050.

“India is of course one of our most significant export markets and I look forward to launching our trade talks soon with them.”

She added that the UK’s long-term vision for trade “means adapting to this changing reality and reaching out to seize opportunities in the emerging high-value markets where demand for our world-class goods and services is high.”

“This means focusing our efforts on those parts of the world that can supercharge UK trade in the industries of the future like digital services and tech, not retrenching and retreating into protectionism, but reaching out to trade with the world’s fastest-growing markets, whilst ensuring that Britain’s status as a global exporter, centre for foreign investment and champion of international trade remains firm.”

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