UK trade boom expected as nations see Britain’s worth ‘Largest exporter of services!’

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Economist and Senior fellow for think tank Brexit Central argued the EU has a wealth of exports it can be proud of. During an interview with, she highlighted the many exports the UK has and how it will be of high value to nations across the globe. Ms Mcbride said: “Due to its language and its use of common law, the UK is the worlds greatest exporter of services.

“These are financial services, insurance, business, advertising, accounting and legal services.

“We are a massive exporter of music books and films and television.

“We are an exporter of education and I am not just talking about foreign students studying in the UK.

“The UK’s schools and universities are also setting up campuses in other countries.

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“There is a lot of trade that people probably disregard that the UK does all the time.”

Ms Mcbridge also highlighted beyond this the UK also engages in a plethora of different goods trades.

She said: “We produce high-end engineering equipment, we export oil and oil-based products, plastics and chemicals.

“The UK exports a lot of pharmaceuticals, in fact, we export more boxes of pharmaceutical medicine to the EU than we import from them.

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“We also make aircraft engines and other parts and industrial vehicles and machinery.

“We still export cars even though we import more cars than we ever exported.

“In agricultural trade the UK’s largest export is whisky.

“We also export some meat but generally we import more meat than we export.”

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The economist insisted the UK must not solely think about the EU as its trading partner going forward as an independent nation. 

She argued the UK had great resources in Commonwealth nations and should utilise these relationships.

Most notably she claimed that the UK could replace its reliance on China with a greater bond with India. 

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