‘VAT increases, council tax rises’ Beth Rigby highlights real cost of Sunak’s Budget

Budget 2021: Beth Rigby anaylsis impact of autumn budget

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Rishi Sunak’s budget has been picked over by Sky News’s Beth Rigby with the Political Editor warning that “there’s lots of tax increases here.” The Chancellor’s spending review contained a number of big giveaways but Ms Rigby warned hikes to both VAT and Council Tax will come to clobber working Britons. She explained: “VAT is going to go up 4 billion and then 9.3 billion per year for the next two years.

“Council Tax, if you look at the office for Budget Responsibility, is going to go up to 12 point 1 billion up 33% From now, by 2026/27.

“So I think when we drill into the numbers, Rishi Sunak talks a lot about the big giveaways and a lot about the spending and a lot about cots around alcohol and fuel duty.

“But in it, are there more tax rises for people.”

“Because I think the acid test of this budget isn’t the optics in the chamber, but in five, six months time, are people struggling with inflation, really feeling the squeeze of the cost of living, or are their lives improving.”


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