‘Very fabric of Union dismantled!’ Dire warning for Scottish unionists amid NI Brexit row

Jamie Bryson: Fabric of the Union 'dismantled' by Protocol

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Scottish unionists have been warned that the Brexit Protocol row may have a wider impact on the constitutional standing of the United Kingdom, not just in Northern Ireland. Brexiteer and Northern Irish loyalist campaigner Jamie Bryson has been a vocal opponent of the new trading arrangements placed on the province following the passing of the Withdrawal Bill. Bryson has warned the imposition of a customs border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain has sparked a crisis that has serious implications on both sides of the Irish sea.

In June, the High Court in Belfast threw out a legal challenge to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Bryson is opposed to Justice Colton’s decision to refuse a judicial review but has argued the case raised an alarming prospect for Unionists.

He told Express.co.uk: “If you ask what is the union, the union in a legal sense, in a constitutional sense is the Act of Union.”

“If Justice Colton was right let’s say and Article six of the Act of Union has been subject to implied repeal,” continued Bryson.

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“Well I mean it has been subject to implied repeal in Scotland, and in Wales and in England as well as Northern Ireland.”

In his lengthy ruling, Mr Colton rejected arguments the Withdrawal Act breached the 1800 Acts of Union but did state that the Withdrawal Bill had in effect override the provisions of the 200-year old law.

“I mean there is nothing stopping Scotland then going and taking an approach which put it on a different footing to the rest of the United Kingdom,” said Bryson

“So the very fabric of the Union has been dismantled by the protocol.”

Brexit: Northern Ireland 'annexed' by Protocol claims Habib

The failed bid to have the controversial protocol scrapped in the courts had been taken by a grouping of Brexiteers and Unionists from across the UK. 

This included former Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster,  ex-UUP leader Steve Aiken, TUV leader Jim Allister, Belfast Agreement negotiator Lord Trimble, Baroness Hoey, and former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib.

Writing for Express.co.uk after the Hight Court ruling, Mr Habib said: “From a sovereignty perspective, there is now no doubt what was once part of the United Kingdom is now significantly part of the European Union.

“Every time we cross the Irish Sea our rights as citizens vary.


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“You may not feel it but that is what happens.

“The union of the United Kingdom has been broken.

“Note my choice of words,” insisted the former MEP

“I am not saying the union is threatened I am saying it is broken.”

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