‘Wanted to abolish NATO’ Wallace has Tory conference laughing at Corbyn – VIDEO

Ben Wallace makes NATO dig at Jeremy Corbyn

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace used his speech at the Conservative Party spring conference to voice support for Ukraine after its invasion by Russia. He compared Vladimir Putin to the leader of Argentina during the Falklands War 40 years ago. In an attack on Labour, he pointed out Mr Corbyn wanted to abolish NATO.

Mr Wallace said: “Many members of Labour’s frontbench were also on the frontbench of Jeremy Corbyn.

“He wanted to abolish NATO and blame the West for Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

“I remember going up to Baron Furness where I was told by some Labour politicians that under Jeremy Corbyn there would still be submarines to be made so that tourists could go look at the seabed.

“In contrast, the year of the Falklands conflict, Mrs Thatcher told the Conservative party conference that peace, freedom and justice are only to be found when people are prepared to defend them.

“That remains the case today.”

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