WATCH as blushing Boris Johnson and Angela Rayner ‘flirt’ during raucous PMQs

PMQs: Angela Rayner shares leadership ‘aspirations’

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The Prime Minister was left blushing and grinning from ear-to-ear as he appeared to be relishing the back-and-forth he was having with Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner who took to the Dispatch Box in place of Sir Keir Starmer, who is currently isolating after testing positive for Coronavirus.

In one particularly fiery moment, Ms Rayner lambasts the Prime Minister over rising tax and inflation in the country asking him to “get a grip” of the situation.

But Mr Johnson appears to immediately take the sting out of the Labour deputy’s attack as he instead voiced his approval of her presence at the Dispatch Box.

He joked: “It’s great to be here with the right honourable Shadow Secretary of state for the Future of Work.”

And in a veiled jab at absent Sir Keir, Mr Johnson chimed: “We know the future job that she has in mind… I wish her well!”

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The comment sparked raucous laughter and left Ms Rayner smiling before she appeared to get her own back at Mr Johnson.

She immediately hit back, joking: “Mr Speaker, I’ve heard through the grapevine there may be a vacancy for Prime Minister soon.

“So maybe I should have aspirations!”

The comment sent the House of Commons into pandemonium as she appeared to fire off her own light-hearted banter at the Prime Minister.

PMQs: Boris Johnson clashes with Angela Rayner

The comment also appeared to leave Mr Johnson grinning widely and chuckling.

He also appeared to blush, go red-faced and was even left open mouthed as he seemed to relish the volleys from Ms Rayner over the Dispatch Box.

But the jovial stand-off did not go unnoticed as observers took to social media claiming the pair were “flirting”.

@Brad3v questioned: “Are Boris and Angela… flirting? #PMQs.”



@RichBream82 tweeted: “Watching Angela Rayner and Boris Johnson have a right old flirt #PMQs.”

While @BlaggerBly chimed: “Is Angela rayner flirting with boris?! Urgh.”

But @No1Gillygolfer did not see the funny side at all, tweeting: ”I do not find it amusing watching Boris and Angela smirking and flirting at each other at our expense.”

Sir Keir Starmer tested positive for COVID-19 for a second time on Wednesday, it is the sixth time he has had to self-isolate.

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