‘We select OUR candidates!’ Scottish Labour leader erupts as party independence questioned

Anas Sarwar erupts as party independence questioned

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The leader of the Scottish Labour Party Anas Sarwar faced a barrage of questions on recent election losses north of the border. Mr Sarwar and BBC presenter Marting Giessler argued back and forth over Scottish Labour choosing not to select candidates in favour of Scottish Independence. The BBC presenter challenged the decision, questioning the process and the influence of the British Labour Party on its Scottish counterpart.

Mr Geissler said: “You can be a broad church right, cant you? You are a broad church.

“You’ve got pro-Brexit members of your party, you’ve got people who believe and support trident.

“When you’re an anti-trident party, why so hardline on this?”

Mr Sarwar said: “Let me just address that correctly, first of all, the story you’re referring to, I’m not sure where it came from.

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“Because whoever it came from clearly doesn’t understand the rule book and how we select candidates in Scotland.”

Mr Geissler said: “London Labour making policy up on the hoof of Scotland, again?”

Mr Sarwar said: “No! Candidates in Scotland are selected by the Scottish Labour Party.

“We’re in charge of the candidate selection process, not the UK Labour Party.”

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Mr Sarwar added: “Secondly, we’re talking about the UK election and electing a UK government.

“And the idea that we would go into that election and say we want to, elect a UK Labour government but not support the UK, I think it doesn’t meet rational.”

Mr Geissler said: “But you’re maintaining the same position that’s seen you spanked so painfully, almost out of relevance in every recent election.”

Mr Sarwar said: “But Martin, that’s like arguing that the SNP should be standing pro-union candidates in the general election.

Mr Sarwar added: “That would be seen as being laughable, we are a pro-UK party, we support Scotland staying part of the United Kingdom.

“And we will be going in with a manifesto to reform the whole of the UK, that will benefit Scotland as well.

“And we would expect all our candidates to stand by that manifesto, I don’t know why that surprises anybody.”

Mr Geissler said: “The thing is though, the SNP, you’re talking about the SNP standing of pro-union candidates.

“They don’t need to because they’ve got the votes of almost half the electorate or half the electorate already.

“You need to win some of those back, you’re not going to do that by not changing your position.

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