‘We’re subsidising French energy!’ Angela Rayner in LBC rant as Britons ‘paying over odds’

Angela Rayner rages over French energy company 'subsidies'

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Angela Rayner hosted a radio-call in with members of the public on Monday and took the opportunity to hammer the Conservative Government over Britons’ soaring energy bills. Sir Keir Starmer’s deputy lashed out over the UK “subsidising” the cost of French energy. 

Ms Rayner told one caller: “We’ve got a situation where the French National owned energy companies charge the French I think is about 5 per cent on their base rates for energy, we pay 54 percent.

“So we’re technically subsidising the French energy by paying more here.

“Because we don’t have the resiliency and we don’t have the resiliency because of government policy and what the Government have done.

“That’s the frustration.”

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“That’s the grown-up argument that we should be having, if that’s what’s left of left us completely open to the market.”

‘Well, actually I think the grown-up argument is wider than that,” intervened the caller, Rob.

“The grown-up argument is why is the whole West dependent on a rogue nation providing its energy supplies? I think that’s the wider issue here.”

The Deputy Labour leader replied: “We don’t get as much of our energy from Russia actually, but we could do more for renewables. 

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“We were supposed to be turbocharging our economy in that way to move towards being self-reliant.

“I think we should be self-reliant and we could do that if we invested in renewables now so that we don’t have to rely on other states to provide us with our energy.”

Energy bills for the average household jumped by 54 percent to a record £1,971 in April as natural gas prices surge following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Prices are set to rocket further this year, with experts at Cornwall Insight predicting earlier this month that average bills could leap to £3,245 in October and then further to £3,364 at the start of next year.

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The Government has pledged to slash its use of gas imports as part of efforts to improve energy security.

Business and energy secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said: “We’ve just seen the price of offshore UK wind power fall to an all-time low and gas is a shrinking portion of our electricity generating mix, so we need to explore ways of ensuring the electricity market is adapting to the times.

“That includes ensuring the cost benefits of our increasing supply of cheaper energy trickle down to consumers, but also that our system is fit for the future, especially with electricity demand set to double by 2035.

“In what could be the biggest electricity market shake up in decades, I am confident that this review will significantly enhance Britain’s energy security and supply for generations to come.”

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