New Zealand mosque terror attacker changes plea to guilty after killing 51

A gunman who killed 51 worshippers in two New Zealand mosques has changed his plea to guilty, admitting all murder charges.

Brenton Tarrant opened fire during Friday Prayers last year in New Zealand, Christchurch.

The 29-year-old had previously denied the charges and was due to go on trial in June, but has changed his plea in a shock move.

Tarrant appeared via video link at Christchurch High Court due to the current coronavirus outbreak which has placed New Zealand on lockdown.

The BBC reports, Judge Justice Mander said: "It is regrettable that the Covid-19 restrictions that presently apply do not permit victims and their families to travel to be present in the courtroom when the defendant entered his pleas of guilty."

Brenton Tarrant is accused of carrying out the murders on March 15, 2019.

Australian Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 29, admitted he alone was responsible for the deadly attacks in the Christchurch last March, according to local reports.

The attack prompted New Zealand's gun reforms, after Tarrant livestreamed the murders and uploaded on to Facebook.

Using a GoPro camera he could be seen going into the Al Noor mosque, firing his gun at least 205 times.

According to Newstalk ZB, Tarrant also admitted 40 charges of attempted murder relating to the two attacks at Masjid Al Noor and Linwood Islamic Centre in the South Island city on March 15, 2019.

In a manifesto posted by him on Facebook, he wrote explained why he carried out the attack, to avenge “thousands of deaths caused by foreign invaders”.

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Truck found with 8,000 kilos of stolen toilet paper during coronavirus crisis

A truck that was reported stolen was discovered this week filled with over 8,000kg (18,000 pounds) of toilet paper and various commercial paper products, amid the coronavirus panic-buying crisis.

Police began following the tractor-trailer after it was flagged for a motor vehicle violation, according to

Upon discovery, cops understood the vehicle to be stolen and filled with paper products.

An investigation has been launched and no arrests have been made.

Throughout the world, worried shoppers have been fighting over toilet paper and other products amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Brits have taken panic buying to the next level as fighting and screaming were reported in supermarkets across the country following the coronavirus outbreak.

Last week, A 13-year-old girl was trampled on in a stampede after shoppers rushed into a supermarket to grab toilet roll.

Photos from supermarkets around the world show shelves stripped bare with people queuing up with trolleys piled high with bog roll.

Although there is no evidence to suggest there will be a toilet roll shortage, worried shoppers are still adamant to stock up.

This has also caused some shops to sell rolls at extortionate prices.

Panic-buying over coronavirus triggered a brawl in a supermarket as two women were filmed fighting over toilet paper in Australia.

Popular presenter Paddy McGuiness slammed shoppers who were buying huge amounts of toilet roll.

The former Take Me Out Presenter took to his Instagram page to say: "I'm about to risk my first big shop since all the madness happened.

"I hope there's stuff on the shelves after all the absolute tools stripped everything all the pensioners and everyone else who couldn't get to the supermarkets."

The coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world, forcing nations to go on lockdown as governments try to contain the spread of COVID-19.

In fear of lockdown and the uncertainty surrounding the timing of it, shoppers have resulted in stockpiling.

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All 531 Carphone Warehouse stores to close as 2,900 jobs axed

All Carphone Warehouse stores are closing down in a massive blow to the UK High Street.

Major Brit retailer Dixons Carphone has announced it is shutting all 531 standalone Carphone Warehouse stores.

It is also axing 2,900 jobs under the plans, although 1,800 workers – 40% – are expected to find new jobs within Dixons.

Dixons has said it will now focus on selling mobile devices in its 305 Currys PC World stores and online.

It said the plans are part of the "next step in its transformation", adding it plans to launch a new mobile offering "later this year".

It said in a statement: "Dixons Carphone will go well beyond legal obligations in financial and other support for all affected colleagues.

"There's never an easy time for an announcement like this, but the turbulent times ahead only underline the importance of acting now, to ensure a business fit for the future."

Detailing its plans for a new mobile offering, the statement added: "This will include deals they can't find anywhere else, nationwide face-to-face advice, the best range of handsets from the biggest brands and a wide range of tariffs and networks, underpinned by a market-beating price promise."

Chief executive Alex Baldock said: "Customers are changing how they buy technology, and Dixons Carphone must change with them. We're underway with a fundamental transformation to do so.

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"Today's tough decision is an essential part of that, the next step in making our UK Mobile business a success for customers, colleagues and other shareholders."

The closures, which represent 8% of Dixons Carphone's total UK selling space, do not affect the 70 Carphone Warehouse stores in the Republic of Ireland or any operations internationally.

The huge blow to the High Street comes as the coronavirus outbreak grips the UK, with retailers being badly affected by the disease.

Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people, from this weekend, not to visit theatres, pubs and restaurants and to work from home where possible.

  • HMV quietly shutting down flurry of UK stores as 'closing down' signs go up

Dixons said it has not yet seen a material impact from the coronavirus outbreak, though it is preparing for one.

It said it is currently on track to meet its full-year 2019-20 adjusted pretax profit guidance of 210 million pounds ($257 million) despite the headwind to profit from Dixons Travel and currency translation as well as for net debt to be lower year-on-year.

"But we are aware the situation may change over the final weeks of the financial year," it said.

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Priest knocked to ground as brawl breaks out in church in surreal video

This is the bizarre moment a priest is shoved to the floor and then begins throwing wild punches when a brawl suddenly erupts between clergy members in a church.

The unseemly incident took place in the Church of the Nativity of Christ, an Orthodox church in the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa and was recorded by a horrified onlooker from an upper balcony.

In the video, a group of churchgoers and clergy members can be seen in the church when two women begin fighting.

A man in a purple robe then appears to try to break up the fight but he is shoved to the floor by another man, with people heard screaming and shouting in the background.

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He springs to his feet and begins to swing his fists while other clergymen begin shoving each other and ornaments are knocked to the ground.

The fight was triggered when an abbot became angry with the newly-elected Bishop of the Odessa Orthodox Church, who ordered for the abbot to be fired, according to reports in local media.

It is not clear if any punishments have been handed out by church officials as a result of the incident, but people have been quick to air their opinions on social media.

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Sounding outraged, a commentator wrote: “These Ukrainian priests keep nothing sacred! Shame on you!”

A second viewer said: “And these are the people who tell us how to be united?!

"They don’t even have solidarity in their own church! How dare they teach others how to live?!”

This comes after a shocking video showed how a portrait of the Virgin Mary was pelted with stones in a church after an alleged drug user became enraged that she hadn't performed a miracle for him.

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Special needs girl ‘stripped naked’ and raped for 17 days by sick students

A girl who has the mental capacity of a five-year-old was allegedly sexually assaulted on a school bus for 17 days before the bus driver reported it.

In a traumatic case, a group of students allegedly groped the girl in a series of incidents which escalated to being accused of rape.

Lee Parks, one of the attorneys for the child claimed: “She was stripped naked. On the bus.

"The bus driver, after the rape in a half-hearted attempt to report it, said he’d seen something. He didn’t say what."

According to the lawsuit, details of the graphic case suggest that one student moved from his seat to grope the girl.

11Alive News reports the bus itself was specifically designed for special needs children and only had three to four rows of seats.

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Another student then also began to assault the girl in a series of escalating attacks which led to the girl being "stripped naked, physically battered and raped," according to the lawsuit.

The bus driver only notified the school authorities of the attack on the day the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was raped.

The lawsuit also says: "The bus driver in this case was completely derelict in his duties and repeatedly exhibited a wilful and deliberate indifference to maintaining student discipline and ensuring student safety."

A spokesman with Fulton County School District said: "The driver was immediately separated from the district."

Fulton County School District told Daily Star Online in a statement: “The allegations in this complaint are extremely serious and concerning to the district.

"Because we are dealing with minor students, this is a particularly sensitive matter.

"We need to allow any ongoing investigations to be complete and respect the privacy of all students allegedly involved.

"We look forward to the case being adjudicated through the legal process, not by attempting to make legal gains with press statements and grandstanding."

The incidents occurred between April 5 to April 20 last year in Georgia, US.

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Little girl’s gesture to abusive mum who throttled her breaks strangers’ hearts

The kindness of a little girl towards a mum who beat and assault her after returning home from a boozy night out has left people shocked and heartbroken.

The 11-year-old was left at home alone to look after her younger sister the night before the brutal 18 minute attack, the Liverpool Echo reports.

During the assault the child's 35-year-old mother pinned her against the wall, throttled her until she could barely breathe and even used the stilettos on her high heeled shoes to scrape against the girl's legs.

During drunken rage, which the child captured on camera, the mum could also be heard telling her: “You’ve ruined my night – you better run when I get home” after the anxious youngster phoned her at 1am to find out where she was.

The iPad footage of the sustained attack showed police what the child went through, reportedly up to three times a week.

But after the ordeal, the child still managed to show kindness to the woman who abused her.

After being convicted of admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and cruelty to a child, the mum, who cannot be named to protect her daughter's identity, faced a potential jail sentence.

However she was spared prison thanks to her daughter, who said she would feel too guilty.

Instead, the mother's two year prison sentence was suspended for 24 months.

Passing sentence Judge Sophie McKone told the mother: "In my view you deserve an immediate custodial sentence but the one person who would really suffer from you going to prison is your daughter.

''I have read that it would have a detrimental effect on her and would increase the responsibility that she feels.

"The social worker feels if you were to receive a custodial sentence this would further your daughter’s feelings of guilt.”

But the girl's loyalty to her mother has left strangers heartbroken and shocked at her kindness.

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Carol Brown Clarke said: "I was going to say what a disgusting sentence until I read that the 11 year old was already feeling guilty about reporting her mother and would suffer bad guilt if she had gone to prison.

"That poor child."

Debbie Lloyd Hughes added: "Reading that the child was full of fear must have been embedded in her daily life.

"Living with that monster. It is awful that she was feeling guilty when she shouldn't be feeling like that."

In mitigation the woman's lawyer David Morton said: “The biggest punishment she could have was when her children were taken from her.

"Alcohol was clearly a feature but she has now reduced enormously what was usually an occasional consumption of alcohol.

"While she wasn’t a regular drinker when she did drink, she didn’t know when to stop.

“She is hugely remorseful for her behaviour.”

The mother was also subject to a six-month curfew from 7pm to 7am and was ordered to complete 200 hours unpaid work.

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Your rights and what to do if you have flights booked after Flybe collapses

Flybe has gone bust taking with it 2,000 jobs after a failed rescue plan – but what are the rights of those who have flights booked with the budget airline?

The Exeter-based firm has gone under despite attempts by the Government to save the embattled airline.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority announced the airline was no longer operating just hours after its last flights landed – with reports of planes being grounded, and passengers turned away.

Insiders have blamed the coronavirus outbreak as the final nail for the struggling firm.

Travellers with advanced bookings are now facing the prospect of losing money in the collapse.

The firm carries 8 million passengers every year – so what are your rights now the company has gone under?

***Do you have a Flybe flight, or work for the company? Tell us your story at [email protected]***

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If your flights were booked directly with Flybe, you are not entitled to a refund, says Travel Supermarket.

However, if your flights cost more than £100 and you paid with a credit card there is hope.

You will be protected by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and can claim your cash back.

And if you booked on your debit card, you may be protected by a chargeback scheme.

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Flybe flights included in a package holiday may be ATOL-protected.

You will have contact your travel agent or tour operator to claim he money back.

Holiday organisers may attempt to make alternative arrangements for you or offer an alternative flight or change the date of your trip.

If none of this works for you, you will be given back a full refund.

And if you booked a flight via a travel agent, the sale may also be covered by ATOL.

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This means you can apply for a refund. And you should have received an ATOL certificate when you booked.

However, if you paid by any other method it is likely you will lose out unless you go directly to the administrators of Flybe.

You may however get nothing back from the firm.

Travel insurances companies may pay out for cancelled flights, but you will have to check your policy.

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Flybe was already on the brink in January, with the government attempting to rescue them.

It agreed an arrangement to defer tax payments of "less than £10 million" with HM Revenue and Customs.

Ministers also agreed to hold a review into Air Passenger Duty (APD).

The structure of APD – which adds £26 to the price of most return domestic flights such as those operated by Flybe – could be altered in next week's Budget.

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  • Brit man wins legal battle against Flybe over £50 excess baggage fee

Flybe serves around 170 destinations and has a major presence at UK airports such as Aberdeen, Belfast City, Manchester and Southampton.

It flies the most UK domestic routes between airports outside London.

A series of issues have affected the airline's finances, including rising fuel costs, falling demand, competition from road, rail and other airlines, plus a weakening of the pound.

It was bought by a consortium comprising Virgin Atlantic, Stobart Group and Cyrus Capital in February 2019, but has continued to make losses.

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  • Britain's 'worst airline exposed' as experts detail who not to fly with

Rival Ryanair has predicted the drop in demand for flights due to the coronavirus will result in some European airlines failing in the coming weeks.

A Flybe spokesman would not comment on its financial situation.

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A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: "We won't comment on speculation."

At the time of Flybe's rescue, rival airlines complained that they should not be penalised for their own success and should also be given a tax holiday.

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Woman in crop top and joggers outraged after being told to leave Miller & Carter

A woman who was wearing jogging bottoms and a crop top has described her embarrassment after being asked to leave a restaurant as she didn’t meet the chain’s dress code.

Hannabella Parker said she felt discriminated against at the recently-opened Miller & Carter Steakhouse in Weston-super-Mare.

And then she was baffled when another restaurant in the chain 20 minutes away happily served her a meal on the same day.

After being turned away from the steakhouse, Hannabella drove 20 minutes up the M5 to Miller & Carter at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol.

Hannabella posted about her experience on Facebook, along with pictures of her outfit – featuring white joggers and a white crop top.

She said she was taken to one side and told she "wasn't dressed appropriately for their dress code policy" and asked to leave, reports SomersetLive .

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Hannabella said: "I’ve been in there dressed up , dressed down, even more dressed down than today’s attire.

"[I'm] Feeling kind of discriminated due to other members of the public in the restaurant dressed similar or more causal than my self."

She described feeling embarrassed as other people in the restaurant stared at her.

And then she went on to describe how she found a seat at another restaurant in the same chain.

So a short while later she then returned to the restaurant in Weston-super-Mare to confront the manager.

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She wrote: "[Travelled] 20 minutes up the motorway to another Miller & Carter at Cribbs Causeway. To walk straight through the doors, table for 2, eaten our food nothing to be said about clothing in and out, enjoyed our food with a good/fast efficient service."

"Drove back to Weston, to show the manager my receipt to ask what her problem was that she felt the need discriminate me? She wasn’t interested in what I had to say as she stood in her ‘empty’ restaurant.

"Wonder why things close down and Weston doesn’t have the business anymore?

"Well here’s one of the proofs. Learn some good customer service and treat people with respect it’s really not difficult.

"Refusing to give your service on behalf of the restaurant because I wasn’t dressed how you call would smart casual. I didn’t realise I needed to get my suit out to come in for lunch on a Tuesday afternoon."

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Her Facebook post on the Spotted Bath & Bristol page has divided opinion, though many people supported her and questioned the restaurant's policy.

In response one user wrote: "Joggers and I can see your belly, nothing about what you're wearing is smart and businesses have the right to refuse service to whom ever they wish.”

While another echoed Ms Parker's concerns by saying: "You're out enjoying a meal, really baffles me why they have a dress code when your paying them YOUR money.

"What if you were majorly ill and could only cope with going out in PJs I’ve known people do this!

"This world needs to be more realistic. You looked amazing x"

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Another comment read: "In my opinion you’re not dressed smart casual, that’s very casual.

"Nevertheless I think Miller and Carter pitch themselves a little too high and I disagree with them not serving you."

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In response to the Facebook post a Miller & Carter spokesman said: “We do have a smart-casual dress code in place at our steakhouses and what adheres to the dress code is down to the discretion of the restaurant's manager.

"We're sorry for any upset this may have caused."

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Fears for Newcastle fan who mysteriously ‘disappeared’ after stadium loo break

A Newcastle United fan vanished without a trace during last night’s FA Cup tie.

Nathan Bullock is believed to have been led away by paramedics ten minutes into an away game with West Brom – but hasn’t been seen since.

His brother Graham wrote on Facebook: “Yesterday Tuesday 3rd March my little brother Nathan Bullock got the coach down to West Brom to watch the Newcastle United game.

“Once inside the ground it is believed he went to the toilet and then disappeared which is very out of character for him!

“Police are now involved have his mobile phone as it was left on the coach.”

A fan replied: “If it helps, he was sat a couple of rows behind us (in quite a bad way), and stewards/paramedics took him out and down the exit in the corner between the Smethwick and Main Stand.

“This must have been less than ten minutes into the game.

A Newcastle United spokesman added: “Nathan Bullock attended NUFC's game against West Brom last night, travelling down on the coach, but has since been reported missing.

“If anybody has any information on Nathan's whereabouts please contact

Northumbria Police as soon as possible.”

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Woman’s body found on M25 carriageway after hit-and-run collision

A woman's body has been found on the M25 after a suspected hit-and-run collision.

The body was found between junctions 8 and 10 clockwise.

Police believe the victim, 36, was involved in a collision after a driver failed to stop at the scene.

Surrey Police were called shortly after 6.15am. They confirmed she died at the scene and that her family has been informed.

A spokesperson said: "The M25 is currently closed between Junction 8, Reigate & Junction 10, Wisley due to a serious incident.

"Please use diversion routes and avoid the M25 Junction 6 – Junction 8 as traffic queues will be likely and protracted."

Sergeant Andy Audsley from the Roads Policing Team added: "We are trying to establish how the woman, who was a pedestrian, came to be injured in the carriageway.

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"We believe that she may have been involved at some stage in a collision with a vehicle that did not stop at the scene.

He added: "We are asking anyone who saw the woman who was wearing a maroon coat and trousers to call us immediately on 101 quoting P20048965."

Motorists are currently stuck in traffic over the incident. It is not known what time she was struck.

Highways England estimate that traffic will return to normal between 11.15am and 11.30am.

Daily Star Online has approached Surrey Police for further information.

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