‘9/11 survivor’ says traders still worked after plane crashed into building

A woman who claims to be a survivor of the September 11 attacks says her colleagues were still working after a plane smashed into their building.

Nena, from Bronx, New York City, was one of only 18 people who survived after fleeing her office on the 84th floor of the World Trade Center's South Tower in 2001.

In a TikTok video she posted in response to the recent building collapse in Miami, Nena mentioned that she was familiar with that kind of destruction because she is a 9/11 survivor.

A viewer asked if she was inside the Twin Towers when the terrorist attack took place nearly 20 years ago.

Nena explained: "I worked for Euro Brokers Inc. and it's on the 84th floor of the second tower.

"So the second tower is the last one that get hit. We lost 61 co-workers, most of them were trying to help everybody out and the other half were still trading because I was a bond broker on the floor.

"They were still trading and you know, money sometimes comes first.

"You know, you're not thinking straight. So they stood and traded and they lost their lives. We lost 61 people.

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"Majority of their bodies weren't recovered, but we held memorial services for them. And we do every year, every 9/11, and I don't work on a 9/11."

She later added that many workers didn't think it would affect them when the plane hit the first tower.

The tragic event also left her re-thinking what brings her happiness.

"So ever since that day, I live my life to feel like money is not happiness," Nena said. "The pay is good, don't get me wrong, but at the end of the day money isn't what makes happiness."

She now lives in Miami and works at a healthcare company.

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