‘Absolutely devastated’ mum heartbroken as pet mauled to death by dogs on walk

A mum is "absolutely devastated" after her "baby girl" Chihuahua cross was mauled to death on a dog walk.

Tracey Logan, 51, from Seacroft, Leeds, West Yorks, had little Belle on the lead at the beginning of a stroll when two large beastly dogs charged for her on Wednesday.

The blood-thirsty savage attack was over within a few minutes as Tracey was helpless but to watch her three-year-old "sweet family pet" torn apart, LeedsLive reports.

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Tracey took Belle to the vets despite knowing she had already been killed and now West Yorkshire Police are investigating the incident and urging other dog walkers to be vigilant.

Tracey told: "She was my baby girl and a part of the family. We're absolutely devastated. Everybody who knew her, all our neighbours and the people at her doggy day-care, they're all so upset.

"She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving little dog. She was so gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly or bite anyone. She was a pleasure to know – everyone who met her loved her. She was just a sweet family pet."

When Tracey, who lives with her husband and youngest son, and Belle set out on their walk early on Wednesday morning when she spotted two large dogs behind a gate nearby.

She hadn't seen the dogs before and continued walking with Belle, thinking they were behind a gate.

But as they continued a bit further, Tracey said the dogs appeared from round a corner and began attacking little Belle.

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"She was on a extendable lead and I tried to pull her back away from them," Tracey said. "But the dogs pulled her back and she came out of her collar. One of them got her in its mouth and shook her like a ragdoll. Then they both ran off with her and wouldn't let her go.

"Eventually two guys got the dogs to drop her but it was already too late and she was already dead. It was so quick, it was all over in just a couple of minutes. At least she didn't suffer for long but it's terrifying those dogs were able to do this so quickly. I found out her lung had been punctured by the bites afterwards."

Even though she knew Belle was already gone, Tracey took her to the vets and also reported what had happened to the police. Police confirmed later on two dogs involved in an attack had been seized.

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A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: "At 5.54am this morning police received a report of a dog attack in Eastdean Bank, Seacroft. Officers attended and seized two dogs. Enquiries are ongoing."

Tracey is appealing to all dog owners to be vigilant and to anyone with dogs that can be vicious to keep them under control, and not train them to attack.

She said: "We want to get the message across to people to control their dogs and don't train them to attack small creatures because this is what happens. If I can stop one person from going through what we have been through today that will be enough."


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