Alberta Budget 2020: breaking down the biggest impacts to Calgary

Alberta’s United Conservative government tabled its 2020-21 budget on Thursday.

The Alberta budget is counting on oil and gas to bounce back while pursuing job salary cuts from thousands of public-sector workers.

The budget maintains operational funding at current levels for core services: $8.2 billion for kindergarten to Grade 12 education and $20.6 billion for health.

However, the Opposition NDP has said that when population growth, inflation and other factors are weighed in, those numbers represent significant cuts affecting front-line workers and forcing families to pay more for services such as school busing.

Provincial education will suffer, warn critics

Education advocate Barbara Silva says parents in Calgary will be hit hard by the province’s budget.

“The funding in 2021 will be lower for our students and we will have more students in the system. So, the way that’s realized is that we’re going to have overcrowded classrooms, fewer resources and higher dependency on fundraising — which we’re already seeing,” Silva, a spokesperson for the group Support our Students, said.

“It’s going to be up to school boards to find ways to fill those funding gaps.”

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