Alien fears settled as mystery of white flash lighting up UK sky finally solved

A "huge bright white flash" that completely lit up the sky in Exmouth sparked fear and speculation in residents who saw it in the dead of night.

A range of theories on what could have caused it were being thrown around, from an alien invasion to a large single flash of lightning, DevonLive reported.

But the actual explanation is a lot more simple and frankly, far less exciting.

Western Power confirmed on its website that the flash was a result of a very short power cut on Monday, March 11.

It reportedly affected around 1,000 properties in the local area and was quickly resolved.

Western Power said: "The incident was raised at 11.01pm on Monday, March 7, affecting 997 properties.

"We successfully restored all supplies in the area by 11.13pm.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience that was caused by the power cut."

The incident caused widespread speculation and intense discussions on local Facebook page Exmouth Community UK following a post from a resident.

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"OK, my husband and I have been scratching our heads all day," the post read.

"Last night around 10.50pm we let the dog out into the garden and we both saw the sky light up it was a huge bright white flash.

"There was no noise or trail so it wasn't lightning or a shooting star. We are near Dinan Way and it was in the South West direction.

"Did anyone else see it or have any clue what on earth it could have been."

Multiple people reported seeing a flash of light that lit up the "whole of the sky" and many others suffered power cuts.

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In other news, mysterious glowing orbs believed to be Alien spacecraft have been spotted flying over parts of Italy and Canada.

Footage emerged this week of the unidentified flying objects moving soundlessly over Yukon in Canada and Sicily in Italy.

One eyewitness on the coast of Sicily noticed a huge bright sphere which he recorded.

The spherical light suddenly flashes, which UFO hunters believe shows it was trying to communicate to the person.

The orb appears over the ocean, hovering low, but can clearly be seen as its brightly lit.

The suspected UFO sighting happened just a few hundred miles from where believers suspect an underground alien base is located.

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