Alligator handler shows off injuries after witnesses rescued her from attack

The alligator handler who was mauled by reptile Darth Gator has shown off her injuries after the horrific attack in Utah.

Lindsay Bull suffered a damaged tendon and multiple fractures, after the alligator’s powerful jaws broke her thumb and wrist at the Scale and Tails reptile and bird centre.

TMZ reported that she was discharged from a Utah hospital Tuesday after she was admitted following Saturday's incident.

Pictures obtained by TMZ show Lindsay smiling despite her gashed hand bleeding heavily and having to be wrapped in a big cast.

The wildlife park worker was saved by a member of the public after a demonstration went terribly wrong.

Donnie Wiseman yelled: "We've got trouble in here," as he realised the alligator bitten Lindsay and was preparing to drag her underwater.

He leaped into the alligator enclosure and the handler calmly told him how to get the reptile under control even as it had her entire arm gripped in its jaws.

Another audience member, Todd Christopher, then joined Donnie in pulling the stricken alligator wrangler to safety.

Todd's wife, Amy Christopher, then started providing first aid before emergency crews arrived on the scene.

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Lindsay says she's planning to talk to Donnie soon and she's already spoken with some of the people who were on the tour when she was attacked, and made some dinner plans.

Despite the terrifying attack, Lindsay said that she had no hard feelings towards the alligator, as he was like her “firstborn son”.

Speaking to TMZ, Shane Richins the owner of Scales and Tails Utah, said that Lindsay’s training was vital towards saving her limbs as she went into the enclosure after the animal chomped down on her hand and let her body go limp as the gator went into the roll.

Park management took to their Facebook page to post a message of thanks on Sunday (August 15).

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"We want to send a huge shoutout to Donnie Wiseman and Todd & Amy Christopher," they wrote.

"We want to thank them for their heroism. Working with some of these animals has inherent risks that we as the staff accept.

"Yesterday, the sort of event that we hope never happens happened. One of our gator handlers got bitten by our large alligator and things took a bad turn.

"These gentleman could have stayed in the safety zone as most of us would, but instead jumped into the situation, of their own volition, and helped secure the alligator.

"Their help, combined with the training of our staff member, probably saved her life and her limbs,” they added.

"Mrs Christopher had a nursing background and started first aid prior to the EMT’s arrival and we thank her for that as well.”

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