Angry ‘spirit’ hurls camera at ghost hunters probing ‘haunted’ British fort

A ghost hunter claims she was attacked by an angry "spirit" who hurled her own equipment at her while visiting a "haunted" fort.

Debbie McCall, 50, says she was investigating paranormal activity at Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth, when she was assaulted in a room which is rumoured to be spooked by a soldier.

The investigator and her team at Ghost 2 Ghost were left gobsmacked when a camera placed on one of the bunks in the room was "launched" at her from across the room.

She said once they fled the location they could still feel the presence of the ghostly soldier and claimed that he followed them.

Debbie, who managed to capture the moment on footage, said: “We were communicating with spirit in another area and, in order to get a response, I acted like I was an officer – asking questions, being authoritative.

“So we went in to one of the bedrooms adjacent to this corridor and was just getting settled, when all of a sudden the camera that was placed on the bed launched off and landed directly at my feet.

“I felt shocked, scared and excited at the same time – we all did.”

The camera, which belonged to Tony Ferguson – known to paranormal investigators as the Ghost Whisperer, was recording but the footage did not survive the fall.

Only Debbie’s camera captured what happened.

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In her footage, the group are sat on bunks when the camera – illuminated by its flash – moves on its own and lands at her feet.

“I was sitting approximately five feet to the right of the camera yet it landed by my feet," she said.

“Tony tried to debunk this but every time we tipped the camera forward it stayed on the mattress.”

She added: “We believe the spirit followed us – it wasn't happy with me pretending to be an officer and being authoritative, and wanted to get me back.

“That's why the camera was launched in my direction and landed at my feet.”

Completed in 1876, Fort Purbrook is one of several Portsdown forts built to protect Portsmouth and its harbour from a potential land attack.

Its sister fort, Fort Widley, has a particularly spooky reputation, according to the local press.

But Debbie says Fort Purbrook is just as haunted.

“Fort Widley is rumoured to be connected to Fort Purbrook by hidden tunnels," she added.

“Fort Widley has a very sinister energy and we believe this same sinister energy travels between both forts.

“It’s a very haunted location and I have personally experienced poltergeist activity, full apparitions, being touched, and hearing horrific screams, disembodied voices, footsteps and running.”

Fort Purbrook today is still in use, hosting activities and events periodically.

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