Asia coronavirus warning: New strain of virus sparks panic – ‘It’s more contagious’

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Vietnam’s Government has warned the entire country is at risk of a widespread coronavirus outbreak as it gathers data from the city Da Nang. Sky News’ Adam Boulton spoke to their Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire about the crisis set to grip the country. Mr Cheshire said: “This looks like it could be the most serious phase for Vietnam.

“It was very successful in the initial phase of coronavirus especially as it is right next to China.

“It acted very quickly as it shut its borders, set up its test and trace system and had lots of quarantine as well.

“Over the weekend there were only three cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Da Nang which is a tourist town in the middle of the country.

“But they still said they would evacuate 80,000 people over four days and the town is now going into semi-lockdown.

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“All non-essential services are being told to close and to socially distance.”

The Asia correspondent went into detail of why the Vietnamese Government is taking this issue so seriously.

He said: “They are very worried about this becoming a proper outbreak.

“The health minister has said it is a strain of coronavirus they haven’t seen previously in Vietnam.

“It is different from that initial wave and some Vietnam newspapers are reporting it is more contagious than the coronavirus they were dealing with earlier.”

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