Autistic teen who stayed home for over two years stabbed on second trip out

An anxious autistic teen who stayed inside for over two years due to anxiety issues was brutally stabbed on just his second trip leaving the house.

Billy Baxter, 16, needed life-saving surgery after he was horrifically knifed in the heart and lungs leaving him with a 12-inch scar down the length of his chest.

The tragic teen was stabbed on his way home in Blackburn, Lancashire.

His mother Jessie Brian, 35, discovered the attack when her son messaged her on Snapchat telling her he was on his way to hospital.

Billy has reportedly been left traumatised by the horrific ordeal and the family are now planning to move away from the area.

The 17-year-old attacker, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was sentenced to just 28 months in custody for the offence last week.

A frustrated Jessie has slammed the sentence as a "slap on the wrist" after the Crown Prosecution Service downgraded the charges from attempted murder to wounding with intent.

The Sun reports that Jessie said: "Billy wanted to be a plumber and now he's too scared to go out of the house just when he got his confidence back.

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"It's heart-breaking what he's done to my son, and in court, he held his head up high like nothing had happened.

"I've been around this area for 35 years – it's the only area that I've known – and now we have to leave because the attacker knows my address and so does his family."

Billy, who has ADHD and autism, had spent the last two years without leaving his girlfriend's house due to his developmental disability.

But Billy moved back home with his mum shortly after they split up on September 17.

The teen was attacked after leaving his house to meet a new love interest.

Jessie said: "He'd met this young girl, and managed to get to town and to see her, but then he heard his name being shouted across the road.

"He put his hood down and didn't want any trouble, but next thing he knew the lad was in front of his face, and he got stabbed straight in the chest."

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Billy underwent life-saving surgery after doctors discovered he had internal bleeding.

The tragic teen had been stabbed in the chest in between his heart and liver.

"It pierced his heart, as well as cutting through a tube that runs from his heart for the blood supply, and slashing his liver," Jessie said.

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She added: "It was a nightmare to tell you the truth, it really was a nightmare."

Billy has now been left with a huge scar down his chest as well as some smaller ones around his stomach.

The 16-year-old reportedly now suffers with mental trauma, which has left him not wanting to leave the house again.

"My 16-year-old who wanted to go to college and be a plumber hasn't got a life now because he won't go out," Jessie said.

The Judicial Press Office has been contacted for comment.

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