Bar manager savages punter who claimed his beer ‘was boring’

A manager of bar in Wolverhampton swiped back savagely at a disgruntled customer who told other people to steer clear of the bar, telling the man he had no friends and should only reserve a table for themselves in the future.

Jathinder D, general manager at Jacks Cafe & Bar, made the cutting remark after the unhappy customer visited the venue in September last year and left a scathing review on Tripadvisor which said the "beer was boring and the atmosphere pretty dull".

The reviewer, from Stoke-on-Trent, also wrote that management made them feel "about as welcome as a fart in a space suit", reports Birmingham Mail.

The punter said they booked a table for 12 before a gig at nearby KK's Steel Mill but after their friends hadn't arrived on time the manager was "about to throw them out". So he gave the business a one-star rating and told customers to avoid it.

Throwing the idea that the customer is always right out the window, Jathinder D responded saying only three people turned up for the table of 12, adding: "for future reference if you book anywhere just book for yourself as clearly you have no friends".

The Tripadvisor review, posted on October 9, 2021 read: "We came along before a gig at KK’s Steel Mill (which is opposite) for a pre-gig drink. Given that this is directly opposite a gig venue, they made us feel about as welcome as a fart in a space suit.

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"A friend booked a table for 12 but when everyone hadn’t arrived on time the manager came over and was about to throw us out, arguing that 'from a business point of view, we can’t let you have that table'. Given that almost everything time there’s a gig opposite, there’ll be gig goers there, the manager needs to learn how to welcome people.

"Oh and the beer was boring and the atmosphere pretty dull. They have a perfect location for pre-gig drinks and treat their clientele badly. AVOID."

Jathinder D responded to the review in November writing: "Hi firstly do apologise about your experience you got to understand if you book a table for 12 people and only three turn up as a business we are losing money also others needed a table to sit and enjoy food and drink unfortunately couldn't as you over booked without any deposit thinking you had more friends than you thought you have.

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"So sorry if you feel like you was mistreated but we need to protect our business and livelihoods of our staff, just for future reference if you book anywhere just book for yourself as clearly you have no friends have a good day thanks."

Jacks Cafe & Bar in Frederick Street has an average Tripadvisor rating of 4.0 out of 5 from 160 reviews. Of these, 87 are "excellent" reviews, 33 are "very good", nine are "average", nine are "poor" and 20 are "terrible".

Other recent reviews complimented staff and the food. One reviewer wrote in December: "Staff very welcoming, pleasant atmosphere. Menu has a good selection to choose from and at reasonable prices too. Definitely recommend here."

Another said: "What a fab night, food was amazing, and the bouncer Devon was truly an amazing guy, Jack’s bar you should truly embrace the wonder you have in this staff member, could not fault him, a true gent. DJ was fab too. Fabulous night thank you."

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