Barman lost part of his skull after roof fall – now needs £50k for surgery

A barman from Cornwall has been left with part of his skull missing after suffering a nasty accident on a night out with friends last October.

Ben Wyatt, 21, climbed on to a roof but lost his footing and fell through some guttering.

One of his friends while trying to help him, grabbed his legs which flipped him over causing him to land on his head, fracturing his skull, CornwallLive reports.

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Ben was rushed to hospital on October 7 and he was put into an induced coma for his own protection.

At the time the 21-year-old had a bleed on the brain which was threatening to leave him with serious brain damage.

Doctors pursued a risky course of action which saved Ben’s life – remove part of his skull to alleviate the pressure the bleed was putting on his brain.

The operation has a relatively low chance of survival, but it was necessary to let the blood out.

Ben said: “They told my dad before the surgery that there was a high chance I’d pass away.

“I was in hospital from then until early November, I was surprised they didn’t keep me longer. I was told they had a huge shortage of beds.”

Ben was left with a sizeable chunk of the left-hand side of his skull missing after the operation.

What used to be hardy bone protecting his brain is now just skin, meaning a knock to the head could well kill him.

He’s able to, very carefully and equipped with a helmet, leave the house, but he explained that he needs surgery to protect his head.

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The operation would see a piece of titanium built into where his skull was.

These pieces would, over a painstaking surgery, overlap, screw in, and form a new skull on his right side.

The NHS offers such a vital operation, but Ben has been on the waiting list since October and was recently told it could yet be more than a year until it’s his turn.

The alternative, private healthcare, has quoted his parents an eye-watering £25,000-£50,000 bill.

He’s hoping the good-will of the internet can help him, and has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for the cranioplasty surgery.

Ben added: “I was not expecting that much money for the surgery. It’s essential, if I took a knock I could die. Not having that piece of skull means I can’t work, skate, drive and much more which has left my life on pause.”


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