BBC Weather: Brits to bask in unseasonal warmth as UK engulfed by 72F Azores plume

BBC Weather: Temperatures set increase

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BBC Weather meteorologist Carol Kirkwood announced above-average temperatures across much of Britain by the end of this week, with clear skies except for some parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland that will see some episodes of rain and clouds. A weather front bringing some rain will sweep, coming in from eastern Scotland and Northern Ireland and linger. It will then push eastward and bring patches of rain in Wales and England on Friday as it sinks south. 

Saturday and Sunday will see clear skies across the whole country, with temperatures around 20C degrees.

Ms Kirkwood told BBC viewers: “Today, we could’ve 72F degrees in old money, which is 22C degrees Celsius in new money. 

“What we have at the moment is a cool start of the day for many of us, especially if you have breaking cloud temperatures falling away overnight.

“And there’s also some mist and fog in the Southwest of England and in Cornwall in particular, and also southern parts. But it will lift and as you can see, many parts starting with blue skies as we’ve got this morning in Northamptonshire.

“High pressures in charge of our weather, toppling around the top of it. We will see a bit more clouds lingering in Scotland and Northern Ireland with some rain. But even so, it will brighten up.

“However, the good weather across the country will also come with some patches of rain across eastern Scotland and the South of Northern Ireland, and the Isle of Man.

“That weather front will then push eastwards.

“Some more light and patchier rain coming across Northwest Scotland affecting Northern Ireland at times as well. But nonetheless, there will still be some sunny intervals at times, but it’s England and Wales that will see the line share of the sunshine today.”

She continued: “Far better clouds popping up today. You might catch an isolated shower – no more than that. It’s not going to be like yesterday across the Midlands, South Wales, and the Southwest. 

“Temperatures up to 21C or 22C degrees in the Southeast but feeling pleasant wherever you are – especially in the sunshine. 

With temperatures on the rise, BBC Weather’s Kirkwood warns against the grass pollen season which will come with high levels of pollen.

“And our pollen levels are high across the bulk of England and Wales. Now, we’re talking triple pollen primarily but we’re getting into the grass pollen season as well now.

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Despite some isolated showers and some clouds building in in Northwest England and Northwest Wales, temperatures will remain above average hitting around 20 degrees.

“But still, we’re looking at 20C, 21C degrees into the southeast, 13C or 14C as we push further north. 

By Saturday and Sunday, the rain will have cleared across the country with some episodes of rain persisting in Scotland and Northern England.

“About time, ain’t it, Carol?” BBC Victoria Derbyshire exclaimed.

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