BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns winds to pummel UK AGAIN as wintry showers take over

Weather: BBC predicts wind and flood warnings across the UK

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BBC weather woman Carol Kirkwood urged Brits to stay safe today due to the Met Office issuing 125 flood warnings across the UK for Tuesday. Ms Kirkwood said to expect dusting of snow across Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will continue and gusty strong winds will batter parts of the UK, with speeds dropping to around 60mph. Ms Kirkwood warned temperature this week will sit between six and thirteen degrees.

Ms Kirkwood said: “Across England, Wales and Scotland, where currently there are 125 flood warnings enforce, that means flooding is expected.

“There are two severe flood warnings in enforce on the River Severn, that means danger to life act now.

“Now we’ve got further rain coming our way today, first of all in the shape of light rain and drizzle moving southeastwards.

“This band of heavier rain though, is what’s going to be crossing areas where we really do not want it.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “It’s a cold front sinking quite quickly Southwards and you can tell from the isobars all around it, that once again it is going to be a windy day.

“Parts of the Outer Hebrides and Western Scotland have seen gusts of wind, in excess of 60mph.

“So it will brighten up temporarily in the East before the rain sinks south and it will be weakening as it does, so behind that, we’re back into some sunny spells and also so showers.

“These are the kinds of gusts of wind we can expect as we go through the afternoon, so it is going to be windy wherever you are, just not as windy as when we had storms, and our temperatures five to thirteen degrees.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “As we head on through the evening and overnight, under clear skies, there will be some frost, many of our showers will fade.

“But we have a new weather front coming in, introducing some more rain and again some hill snow, and again! It’s going to be very windy across the North-West of Scotland.

“So if we pick up that weather front through the course of tomorrow it’s much slower in its decent South Eastwards, again some wintriness in the hills and increasingly lower levels as we go through the latter part of the day in the North-West of Scotland.

“Ahead of it, it will mostly be dry, there will be one or two showers and again it’s going to be a windy day.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “Eventually this rain will make it down towards the South as a weakening feature, you can see it Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

“It’s a cold front, behind it will turn colder, and not just in Scotland but also in Northern Ireland, we’ll see snow down to sea level.

“And that will continue as we go through Thursday with this snow, meanwhile for Northern England and for Wales and for the Moors, there will also be snow.

“Again for the South-East largely dry, and we lose the morning rain with some sunshine, but it’s going to feel cold.”

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