BBC weather forecast: UK temperatures spike today before freezing winter snow arrives

BBC Weather: Drier day forecast for the UK

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BBC Weather presenter Matt Taylor has promised drier conditions across large swathes of the United Kingdom this weekend. The weatherman explained that a front of low pressure is set to force rainclouds away from the UK, though not all areas will be able to remain completely dry. Mr Taylor also said that temperatures are to remain above the average for this time of year for the time being at least though conditions are expected to turn wintery later on this month.

Mr Taylor told BBC Breakfast: “What we’ve had is an area of low pressure out towards the UK that has been working its way eastward through the night.

“It’s taken away some of the rain you saw yesterday leaving a dry day overall but it’s close enough to the eastern coast of England for quite a bit of clouds and one or two spots of rain and a bit of a breeze here.

“Some light rain a little further west actually a lot of dry weather today. Increased amounts of sunshine developing it’s there at the moment across parts of southern Scotland, northwest England and will develop more widely across some western areas.

“The exception being Northern Ireland, here the best of your brightness will be this morning, afternoon cloudier some rain or drizzle returns.”

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“Temperatures though 11 to 14 degrees and just to put them into a bit of context.”

“This is what we probably normally expect as our average this stage in November,” added the metrologist pointing to figures around 10-12 degrees.

“So once again, we’ve seen temperatures a little bit higher than that we’d normally have

“Now as you go through this evening and overnight, the cloud still could produce a few spots of rain towards East Anglia and the south-east and we will see some rain at times across parts of western Scotland, and maybe around some of these Irish Sea coasts could be misty and foggy here into the morning.”

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He added: “Clear skies across parts of Central Eastern Scotland, then to Western England, Wales could lead to a few mist and fog patches into tomorrow morning at a bit of a fresher start here tomorrow compared with today but if the mist and fog clear you could see some sunshine at times.

“Brighter towards eastern England a few showers in the far southeast.

“But a wet day toward the north and west of Scotland and some rain times in Northern Ireland.

“A lot of you though will spend tomorrow dry, temperatures just down a notch and what we’ve seen through today but still on the mild side.”


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It comes as a weather map from WXCharts predicted snow to hit the UK this month, starting in northern Scotland from November 17.

By November 25, the same WXCharts model suggests large swathes of Northern Ireland, Wales, and England as far south as London could experience snow.

Meanwhile, Mr Taylor said on Saturday: “Temperatures still holding up above average.

“But there are signs later this month things could turn a little bit colder at times.”

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