BBC Weather: London hotter than Madrid today as Kirkwood warns rain and chilly winds loom

BBC Weather: UK set for rain and cooler temperatures

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BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood has predicted temperatures ranging from between 9C and 17C. Forecasts for Spain show Thursday the British capital will be hotter than Madrid, where mercury is expected to hit 11C. Brits are expecting to see spots of showers and cloudier skies in central England. North Wales and northern England will see frostier mornings for the rest of the week compared to other areas around the country.

Ms Kirkwood said: “This morning we do have a lot of low cloud across Eastern and central parts of England.

“Thick enough for the odd spot of rain, we also have some clear skies to start with.

“It’s a cold and a frosty start, and through the day more clouds will bubble up turning the sunshine hazy.

“With a chance of a shower in South West England and also a few showers getting in across Northern Scotland.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “Breezy across Southern areas today and with the onshore breeze coming in from the North Sea.

“Well, here it will feel cool if you’re out and about now as we head on through the evening and overnight.

“A lot of the showers will fade, we still will have some clouds around but under clear skies, temperatures will fall away.

“And across Northern and Southern Scotland and all through Northern England.

UK weather: Temperatures dipping down close to freezing

Ms Kirkwood said: “We could well see a touch of frost as we could in sheltered parts of Northern Ireland and North Wales.

“But where we have the clear skies of course we’ll start with some sunshine.

“And tomorrow a bit of a change in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire because this low clouds going to sink.

“Further South, into the South-East quarter, where again with the onshore breeze it will feel cooler.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “We could also catch the odd spot from that as well.

“Move further West, more sunshine around than we’re looking at today.

“hazy at times with temperatures ranging from 9C to 17C.

“Then as we head into the weekend, high pressure starts to slip allowing this area of low pressure to move across us with its various fronts.”

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