BBC Weather: Scorching week-long heatwave takes over as mercury levels to hit 32C today

BBC Weather: Scorching heatwave to continue this week

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor predicted temperatures reaching past 30 degrees this week. Mr Taylor told Britons to prepare for a long hot weekend at the end of the week as the UK may reach a new national heat record. Heat health alerts have been announced, as people are advised to stay hydrated and protect their skin. Mr Taylor warned that temperatures could go over 30 degrees all week long.

Mr Taylor said: “Now it is summer, heat, and sunshine is not unusual by any means.

“But perhaps the biggest thing this week is just the longevity and intensity of the heat.

“Some parts of southeast England, East Anglia will be close to if not above 30 degrees all week long.

“And by next weekend we could be even hotter, we could be getting close to challenging the UK national heat record.

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Mr Taylor added: “Which currently stands at 38.7C, now it’s a while off yet, things could change.

“But certainly look hot next weekend and it’s that impact of the longevity of the heat.

“So those hot days and particularly warm nights that bodies don’t get a chance to recover.

“And that’s why there are heat health alerts out in parts of England especially.

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Mr Taylor said: “Now it’s not going to be a heatwave all week for all of you, to the North and West.

“We will start to see some changes but certainly for today if we take a look at the forecast for today anyway.

“It is looking like another dry, another hot day for the vast majority.

“We’ve got high pressure in charge at the moment across the UK, it’s underneath that where we’re going to see temperatures rise.


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Mr Taylord added: “The ground is so dry at the moment, it really helps that heat to build day by day.

“So it could be hotter for some of you compared with last weekend, through the weekend.

“But just notice on the pressure chart there’s a weather front up there just at the top left.

“And that could bring some changes towards parts of the North and West, later today and tonight.”


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