BBC Weather: UK struck by ‘brisk breeze’ chilling areas to just 2°C

BBC Weather: Gusts of wind to hit UK

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A strong incoming wind from the North Sea is set to drive down temperatures across the UK. The nation has been warned to expect a “brisk breeze” that will send chills across the country. In some regions, the wind will also pull in a weather front of cloudy, drizzly conditions in a dramatic shift from the summer weeks of stifling heat the UK has experienced. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, meteorologist Carol Kirkwood predicted temperatures as low as two degrees celsius as the fierce chill moves in from the east.

Ms Kirkwood said: “If you’re waking up in  Altnaharra it’s cold, that’s what you can expect 

“It’s actually just under two degrees at the moment and in Tulloch Bridge is 2.2 degrees.”

Temperatures across the UK are forecast to differ dramatically as the breeze approaches.

Ms Kirkwood added: “Come south into the Channel Islands and the temperature currently is 17 degrees.”

The weather presenter continued: “Today for many of us it’s going to be dry with some sunny spells, but still fairly breezy across England and also Wales.

“There is also a bit of cloud across Scotland that will tend to break up and we will see sunny spells develop.

“Just up the road from Grimsby we’ve got a few showers and some of those showers will come in on the brisk breeze from the north sea.”

Discussing the incoming wind, Ms Kirkwood added: “across England and Wales and the Channel Islands it is going to be noticeable.”

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The meteorologist pulled up a map of the UK with black circles indicating the wind gust strength and direction of the breeze.

Across the south of the country, the wind speed is predicted to reach up to 32 mph.

In the north, the wind remained strong but slightly less intense than on the south coast, reaching speeds of up to 27 mph.

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Ms Kirkwood continued with the forecast, offering her prediction for Wednesday evening’s conditions: “Through this evening and overnight there will be some clear skies and less cloud in Scotland than there was.

“In parts of Northern Ireland, northern England, and Scotland, where there’s less of a breeze, we could well see some patchy mist and fog. 

“Across England and Wales, there will still be too much of a breeze for that to happen. 

“Overnight temperatures are roughly 10 to about 14 degrees, but in sheltered glens, they could fall a bit lower than that.” 

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