BBC Weather: Warm air to give way to icy conditions as cold blast to hit mid-week

BBC Weather: Temperatures set to drop across the UK

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor said conditions will remain settled until the middle of the week, when colder air moves in from the northern Atlantic. Winds are expected to become less prominent through Monday, leaving temperatures between 9C and 13C in most of the UK. Mr Taylor said: “High pressure trying to build from the southwest, not quite with us – all weather fronts still tangled in across parts of the Midlands, East Anglia, the southeast this morning.

“Patchy, light rain, a drizzle, they’ll depart by mid-morning. Blue skies, sunshine develop, cloud though increases from the west to go into the afternoon, bringing the odd spot of light rain and drizzle. 

“Maybe some heavier bursts through the west and Northern Ireland and western Scotland. A gentle breeze in, overall the winds lighter than they were through the weekend.

“And temperatures up at around 10C to 13C for the vast majority so a couple of degrees above where we should be for the time of year.”

Mr Taylor noted weather will grow more unsettled toward Monday evening, with rain and drizzle becoming more likely across Northern Ireland and western Scotland.

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The BBC Weather meteorologist continued: “It’s nighttime which will be wettest rather than by day. Two batches of rain, one pushing towards the southeast, another one pushing into Scotland, Northern Ireland later but it keeps temperatures up.

“A mild enough start to Tuesday morning. Tuesday though, with these weather fronts around, is expected to be pretty cloudy and a bit damp and drizzly across England and Wales but things starting to brighten up for the north as you go through the day.

“Some breezy conditions with it but the pay off is Scotland and Northern Ireland see much more sunshine. That sunshine arrives in northern England, north Wales after a bit of a cloudy and damp morning.

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“It’s going to stay cloudy through southern areas into East Anglia and the southeast, further rain at times. Temperatures around 12C to 14C.”

Mr Taylor added: “Mid-week we see high pressure generally build, just a little bit to the west of us, we want it a little bit further east to be fair because it does mean we’ve got a bit of a breeze blowing across some northern and eastern areas.

“Some cloud in East Anglia, southeast, breaking into sunshine but around that area of high pressure we tend to bring in a bit more cloud across Scotland and Northern Ireland later on Wednesday, some light rain.

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“Even though temperatures down on Tuesday, with light winds, sunshine in the back it should feel quite pleasant but during the second half of the week, we see one batch of rain work across the country and as that goes and high pressure builds in, there will be a change to the way things feel.

“Especially the southern half of the UK, notice this is where the blue colours, the colder air pushes in, with it some strong and gusty winds.”

The Met Office also forecast a significant weather change from Wednesday onwards, noting conditions will turn cloudier in the north and colder in the south.

The Met Office also noted chances of rain, potentially wintry in some areas, will also increase as the week develops.

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