‘Be on our guard’ Vladimir Putin eyeing up use of chemical and nuclear weapons

Russia: Putin 'may use chemical weapons' says expert

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General Sir Richard Shirreff believes Vladimir Putin might turn to the use of nuclear or chemical weapons in a bid to break fierce Ukrainian resistance. On Friday, the Ministry of Defence issues an intelligence briefing on Ukraine which argued Russia has made little to no progress this week, Sir Richard argued this may motivate Putin to reach for the nuclear tactics.

Sir Richard told Sky News: “We should be absolutely on our guard, for example, chemical attack.

“Quite potentially, the use of tactical nuclear and quite potentially some sort of attack against NATO territory.

“We’ve already seen put in targeting Ukrainian infrastructure supply routes through the attack last week on the last weekend.

“I think all bets and everything should be on the table and we should be very, very clear about what might happen and take the necessary measures to guard against it in particular.”


It comes as an aristocrat who was once married to a close associate of Putin also warned the Russian leader is ready to trigger a nuclear conflict with the West.

Countess Alexandra spoke with Nick Ferrari on LBC about the potential use of nuclear weapons by Russia. 

“I hardly want to express my greatest fear but I suppose it’s nuclear war,” Countess Alexandra said.

“He’s capable of that – his narcissistic streak?” Mr Ferrari asked.

“He is capable,” Countess Alexandra said.


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