Biden blasted for criticising Truss’s economic policy

Tim Ryan says he doesn't want Joe Biden to run again in 2024

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President Joe Biden has been slammed for appearing to criticise Liz Truss in a video from Bloomberg News. In it the US leader gives his views on the state of the British economy but admits it is “up to Britain” to make decisions for themselves.

Foreign policy analyst and former aide to Margaret Thatcher blasted the POTUS on his Twitter page, writing: “Mind your own business Joe and stop trying to wreck the British economy as well as the American.”

In the video President Biden is in an ice cream shop discussing the issue of the British economy with reporters.

He said: “It was predictable, I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a mistake.

“I disagreed with the policy of cutting taxes for the super wealthy.

“I disagree with that policy but it’s up to Britain to make that judgement, not me.”

Journalist Piers Morgan also bashed the US President, tweeting: “Wow. Very unusual, and disloyal, for a US President to publicly trash a British Prime Minister like this – and Biden is hardly in a position to lecture anyone else about the economy or leadership.”

Liz Truss is currently facing a potential uprising in the Tory party after a turbulent few weeks in power.

Last week saw her sacking Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and replace him with Jeremy Hunt after the mini-Budget saw the pound fall to record levels against the dollar.

Mr Hunt told Laura Kuenssberg that he was open to fresh U-turns on issues such as tax cuts.

He said: “We are going to have to take some very difficult decisions, both on spending and on tax.

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“Spending is not going to increase by as much as people hoped, and indeed we’re going to have to ask all Government departments to find more efficiencies than they had planned, and taxes are not going to go down as quickly as people thought, and some taxes are going go up.

“One thing I want to reassure families who are worried at home is that our priority, the lens through which we’re going to do this is as a compassionate Conservative Government, and top of our mind when we’re making these decisions will be struggling families, struggling businesses, the most vulnerable people and we will be doing everything we can to protect them.”

A new fiscal announcement is expected to be made on October 31.

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