Blind girl, 7, baffles doctors and can now see despite ‘incurable’ condition

Medics are stunned after a little girl’s “incurable” blindness vanished.

Evie-Mae Geurts, seven, was registered blind at eight-months-old after being diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition causing a build-up of fluid in the brain.

Doctors said the pressure in the little girl’s head was 32 times the normal level.

Mum Amy, 28, said: "The doctors admitted because of a delay in diagnosis they weren’t sure what would happen. They didn’t know if she’d ever be able to see or walk or talk."

Evie-Mae had a series of brain operations to relieve the pressure and pain, including having shunts fitted – passages to allow fluids to move around the body.

But against all the odds, not only did her sight return when she was a toddler, Evie-Mae also learned to walk and talk.

She began walking aged two and after learning Makaton, a version of sign language, she even started to speak. And medics at Bristol Children’s Hospital were astonished when her condition disappeared last year.

Amy, from Bristol, said: "The doctor couldn’t believe it. He thought we’d be in and out of hospital every few years because the shunts kept blocking. But it turned out that somehow she had managed to cure herself.

"He said he’d never seen it before and certainly didn’t expect to see it in her."

Amy added: "Now she’s living shunt free, talking, walking and she’s ahead of her age in learning. Evie is phenomenal. We’re so proud of her."

Evie-Mae is now doing as well as any tot her age. She has perfect vision and is also top of her class at school.

Amy, who is married to Martyn, 49, and also has two boys Archie and George, said: "Evie’s an amazing little girl."

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