Bloke cut in half by forklift in Facebook scam hell as furious wife speaks out

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    The wife of a man cut in half by a forklift has slammed people posing as them online and asking for donations.

    Loren Schauers lost the entire lower half of his body and the bottom of his right arm in a forklift accident at work after falling off a bridge in 2019.

    From Great Falls in Montana, US, he drove too close to the edge of a bridge in traffic, falling off and with the forklift landing on him.

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    Since then, he and his wife Sabia – who he married in 2021 – have started making YouTube content to share Loren’s recovery and give people an insight into their remarkable and inspirational lives.

    Now though, Sabia has been forced to take to YouTube to warn fans about another account pretending to be them.

    “There is a fake Facebook page,” Sabia said, “Our official Facebook page is called Sabia and Loren.

    “And there is a fake page, which has been up for two years, called Loren and Sabia… that has been pretty much acting as us.”

    Holding a shaking hand to the camera as she was “so upset” she explained it she had been “dealing with this all day”.

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    She explained how the fake Facebook page had substantially more followers than the real one – the legitimate one has 2,000 compared the fake one’s 29,000 at the time of writing.

    She added: “At first I got in contact with them and they just said they were fan-run, and they changed their profile picture to say fan page and were working on changing the name.”

    Things weren’t quite as they seemed though.

    “Then, some of our lovely followers dug a little into their account and they had been commenting on the posts and posting our YouTube videos, acting like they were us and commenting on the posts asking for Star Donations – which is Facebook’s way of making money,” she added.

    She added: “They even went to the extent of pretending to be us when someone said, ‘have you tried this or this for the pain?’ and they commented, ‘we’ll ask Loren’s doctor.’”

    Sabia said they were in the process of trying to get the page taken down but at the time of writing, 12 days after the video was first posted, the Facebook page remains active.

    She apologised that “by the sounds of things people have donated to them,” adding: “I am so sorry, there is not much I can do other than raise awareness.”

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